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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 5 Aug 2012 22:29
Our Four Weeks at School Are Complete
BF San Antonio Ruins - Hotel 102
Unbelievably we have finished four weeks at school, the time has flown and I have gone up from ten words to twenty odd. Mmmmmm. Bear seems to chatter away quite nicely but has got into the terrible habit of saying Nostros. (Nos-tros instead of Nos-o-tros for we). A real highlight was seeing a tuk-tuk dressed up as a bee.

BB Last School Lunch 005

Quite normal to see a man on a roof in these parts.


BB Saturday Market 002  BB Saturday Market 003

I loved this mode of transport and Bear got his fancy tickled over the kitchen sinks in this hardware store.


BB Last School Lunch 006  BB Last School Lunch 009  BB Last School Lunch 010

Final school lunch on Tuesday became a real party.


BB Last School Lunch 011  BB Last School Lunch 012  BB Last School Lunch 013

One quick mention that Claudia’s earrings looked more like instruments of torture, than they were clapped about my wrists. Yes, I know I need a haircut, its booked with Frank after school.


BB Last School Lunch 014  BB Last School Lunch 015

I spent my afternoon lesson playing Scrabble, tricky in Spanish, but with the help of Lety managed to beat Claudia 


BB Wednesday 013  BB Wednesday 005  BB Wednesday 014

On our final morning at school saw us escape with our morning ladies – Brenda and Gloria. We went for coffee and then ended up in our favourite Luna de Miel for cocktails. We knew we were in for a big lunch with Mama so we didn’t join our teachers enjoying crepes. Just as we stuck our heads out of the door to return to school after lunch the heavens really opened- our first daytime downpour – it usually rains so conveniently during the night. We were supposed to be taking our afternoon ladies up Mount Agua, via the hotel bus to sip wine overlooking the city. Walking back to school, getting soaked, it was clear there would be no view as the clouds were happily forming a low blanket. All sorts of bugs took shelter. By the time we got to school there was little Agua to see.


BB Wednesday 010  BB Wednesday 012  BB Wednesday 011

Nothing for it but to spend our last afternoon at school back at the Luna de Miel, pretending to study over a cocktail. We watched a man in the rain fighting with his leak, poor thing.

BF Parade 009  BF Parade 013  BF Parade 174
We have explored the town, seen parades, traditional dress and had a wonderful time amongst lovely people
BB Last ever school 001
Thursday morning. Sadly we had to say ‘farewell’ to Tony and Mama
BB Last ever school 004  BB Last ever school 003
Yanira and Mama fed us three cooked meals a day and all were perfect. Not once did I get the ebee jeebies or even indigestion (very rare for me) – sensitive soul that I am – no comment
Have you ever seen anyone swing a very large case at an unsuspecting head
Bear has
Run Bear, Run
BB Last ever school 005
Beds ready for the off. He refused point blank to ever repeat the journey here. Traveling in the big case, hoisted up on a minibus roof and rained on. So today he is traveling in the snack bag. “Oh, High improvement”. Listen I have quite enough to deal with keeping Bear in order without you causing a rumpus. I’ll get you out as soon as we get going.
Get going we did on a minibus that picked us up at Mama’s door at a quarter past nine. I ended up at the back meeting a delightful couple called Bob and Pat. They are only too happy to show us round Alabama and recommended a marina called “Pirates Cove”. Hope to be there one day.
Bear sat in front of me on a folding chair and I did wonder if either of my knees would ever be the same again. He held some of his weight through the open window, but out on the main road other passengers requested he close said supportive window. Oh well only an hour to drop most folks at the airport.

BB Last ever school 006  BB Last ever school 007  BB Last ever school 008

BB Last ever school 009  BB Last ever school 010  BB Last ever school 011

Some random photos as we sped toward the Bus Station. By eleven we were pulling in to meet the big bus in Guatemala City.
BB Last ever school 015
Safely back to Fronteras, we left the bus and walked the short distance to the public dock, paid our four pound water taxi ride and within minutes Tortugal Marina came into view.
BB Last ever school 017
How wonderful to see “Home, Sweet Home”
BB Last ever school 019    BB Last ever school 021
We ate supper in the restaurant. Bear chose the table. No comment. Sipping drinks whilst we watched the moon appear. Grand Gromit, Grand.