To St Croix

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 2 Mar 2011 22:26
En Route to St Croix
Leaving the stunning Saba behind. A yacht (centre) tiny against the steep mountain, that is the island.
We had a couple of visits from the Netherlands Coast Guard
Our last wave in farewell and a lovely sunset
We left Saba at five thirty for our overnight passage to St Croix, delighted that sea conditions had settled, the wind whilst brisk was steady. We chose to motor sail with just the genoa out (front sail) - just in case any huge squalls came, they didn't and we both took turns to sleep on our own bed, rough at times but at least not airborne. St Croix came into view in the early hours and our first look at Christiansted was behind a large reef. The depth dropped from twenty odd metres to four in a matter of a hundred feet.
The route in from the sea to the anchorage was well marked on the GPS - with many buoys to lead us in
After being so impressed with Saba (not with St Eustice) I arrived with an open mind, but, not expecting to fall in love at first sight. Just so, the frontage - very Danish, was like jigsaw puzzle lid
We had just slowly bimbled our way in to the rear-right of the buoyed area to settle at anchor in very shallow, crystal clear water when the radio chirped "Beez Neez, Beez Neez this is Djarrka" What a surprise - GB and Sarah (first met in Coral Cove Marina, Trinidad). We knew they had bought a piece of land here and would live at anchor until they had built or bought a home and become landlubbers, but we had no idea which part of the island they were settled in. I assumed we would email and let them know we had arrived. Well soon we were anchored at eight fifty, with their advice (next door but two from Djarrka - Jar ker) and over they came for a hug. Very kindly they took us ashore to Customs and Immigration, promising to take us out to explore tomorrow in their recently purchased car. Amazing. Just Amazing.
                     A NICE JOURNEY TO A PRETTY ISLAND