Bora Bora 1st Bimble

Our First Bimble to Vaitape, Bora Bora
Bora Bora from the air
For most people Bora Bora’s lagoon is one of the most beautiful in the world. It would be to us too had we seen it the first time flying in for a holiday. We have been so spoilt coming up on so many beautiful islands in the Societies that Bora Bora looks in many ways very similar, the reef collar, the lagoon and the mountain in the background. We came in on the other side to where the above picture was taken. The smoke from the fire, no sun and the heavy, heavy wind gusts didn’t help in the least. Still very thrilled to be here though.
This according to the skipper is ‘my island’ so therefore a bit of research and compare the brochure with reality and see what we come up with.
A 4x4 tour is a great way to see the island. The internet suggests a price of around $89. I email Patrick Tours and got a quote of $241 for the two of us, so perhaps a hire car for four hours then.
Snorkeling and scuba diving in and around the lagoon of Bora Bora are popular activities. We found a submarine tour from $264 per person. Snorkeling in a helmet from $108. Stand up surfing from $109 for one and a half an hour (each). Kite surfing from $223. Parasailing from $299. Premium prices eh.
Many species of sharks and rays inhabit the surrounding body of water. There are a few dive operators on the island offering manta ray dives and also shark-feeding dives. Boat trip for two hours from $387 (Baby Beez it is then).
Fishing for half a day from $491. Sport fishing from $837. Honeymoon picture tour from $365.
In addition to the existing islands of Bora Bora, the new manmade motu of Motu Marfo has been added in the northeastern corner of the lagoon on the property of the St. Regis Resort. A picnic on a motu for six hours from $707 per couple.
Helicopter ride, the romantic way to see the island. Helicopter ride for fifteen minutes from $305, add $107 if you want to be picked up from your hotel. For half an hour from $659, add $85 for pick up. Give him his due, we think it’s himself who is currently putting out the fire. So all praise to him.
  IMG_4536  IMG_4541


Right then. Shanks's Pony it is then. We leave Baby Beez on the dock outside Maikai Restaurant and walk into Vaitape to explore. Fire still going. Great paint job and Bear pointed out a wonderful car port.



IMG_4545  IMG_4547

We found a 50% off shop, mostly tut, but I did get Bear to check out a particularly ugly tiger. His varnish was all crazed and his original price was $450, now $390 (maybe he’s half that now). We still cannot see anyone racing in and snatching him up.


IMG_4549  IMG_4550  IMG_4551

We bimbled around the Super U and found it to be well stocked.


IMG_4552  IMG_4554  IMG_4556  IMG_4558

In the alcohol aisle, naturally. Gentleman Jack was £52.86. Absolut £35.30. Moet £79.30 and Baileys £26.01 (the small size that MOTH and I can fell at a single sitting, so not here then. I did find a rose Gris at £7.74 and Bear found a Corbiere at £6.10, both for our all day party tomorrow. We have hatched a plan to cob a squat tomorrow as a day off, with treats.


IMG_4562  IMG_4563  IMG_4565  IMG_4567

Bear went off for a nozz. I continued comparing. Uncle Ben auto rice has been exquisitely expensive since Panama, funnily enough the plain long grain was £2.90, Basmati £2.97. Compared with the fancy flavours which came in at £2.79. A MUST HAVE, I found Bear’s Christmas sprouts at £1.77, for the big tin. Oh how wonderful, thank you. You’re on your own if they are as squidgy as last years tin. Mmmm.



Off along the road again, Bear loved this front garden.


IMG_4572  IMG_4573

Chaps everywhere, reeking havoc with their inappropriate hole digging. We waited patiently while this ferry was pulled out from its service bay.


IMG_4574  IMG_4575

A village to our left. Amazing how this hibiscus has taken on the exact shade of the bougainvillea it is climbing through.


IMG_4578  IMG_4579

On the right was a ‘shopping centre’, but if you took out the pearl shops, there was only a tiny café, an electrical store and a tee shirt shop.



A lovely church.



A little way passed, we turned to see our little friend was still busy in the helicopter.


IMG_4584  IMG_4584 - Copy

We bimble around the Artisanal. Must be Zzzzz’z time.


IMG_4590  IMG_4591

Definitely Zzzz’z after lunch then. Time for a snack in a clean, little eatery.


IMG_4594  IMG_4593  IMG_4595

Saint Pierre Celestin, has got to be the church with the prettiest, most awesome backdrop ever.


IMG_4597  IMG_4596  IMG_4598

A darling little place of humble worship.


IMG_4602  IMG_4604  IMG_4605

I asked Bear to pose by a lady, of course he did. Then the sun came out. Time for an ice cream.
IMG_4609  IMG_4610
We found a chirpy Frenchman with an electric scraper. The thinnest slivers of ice were patted down and up to three flavours added. Bear had a medium with Strawberr and cherry. I saw the size of his and plumped for a small with just strawberry.
IMG_4612  IMG_4614
We went and sat by the town quay and watched the world go by for a time before visiting the Information Centre. We learned from the lady, that the Club Med (closed for three years) site has been bought by an Australian to use as his own private vacation venue. He also plans to build a new Titanic ???? Our final touristy shop for the day was quite painful in regard to prices, clearly the place that those who don’t need to budget feel at home in. A tiny spoon carved from a shell was $39. The exact shirt I bought for Bear’s birthday, which cost me $29, the lady proudly sashayed in front of me for $99, without a glimmer of guilt. “Duty free prices” she said gaily. Let me out. I’m right behind you.
The tiny but well equipped fire station.
Don’t ask, I didn’t.
IMG_4616  IMG_4618
Crossing a tiny inlet, we looked down to see an eel sunning itself (only half as wide as the beasts we saw on Huahine. Thousands of shrimp wiggled in the shallows.
Time to bimble back to Super U, shop, deliver back to Beez and be out in time for happy hour and date night at the Maikai Restaurant.








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