Cornfields 12:2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 16 Aug 2018 22:57
Family Fishing at Cornfields
By the time we had made a picnic, tea flasks, boys ready and packed the car, we received a message to say Joe, Vicks and Harley were setting off. Following the Wicked Witch, we headed toward Burnley and at some point turned from the main road and followed a farm track with a great view.
IMG_0004  IMG_0005
We arrived to see Harley was not only set up but had just caught a ‘monster’.
We left Vicky and Harley to it to set ourselves up.
IMG_0007  IMG_0008
First, a quick look at Kaiser who had already cast. Not many minutes later he appeared with his first fish of a tally that would reach twenty one.
IMG_0002  IMG_0003
Harry, beside me, rose to the occasion and soon snagged a tiddler.
IMG_0010  IMG_0011
Vicks was next to catch. Joe had been so busy sorting the boys he still wasn’t yet set up.
IMG_0012  IMG_0013 
Harley took a turn next to me as I lost quite a reasonable sized carp, grrrr, he pulled in a monster who saw the water and took aim for it.
IMG_0015  IMG_0017
I broke my duck and Kaiser wanted to pose with him.
IMG_0018  IMG_0019
Harley none too pleased when he found visitors in his maggot box.
IMG_0022  IMG_0023
Bear finally caught a fairly handsome chap.
IMG_0024  IMG_0025
Harley and Kaiser wanted to pose with him but Harry not happy to.
IMG_0026  IMG_0027  IMG_0029
Harry snagged a good sized carp, Vicky worked him beautifully, Harry netted him and Kaiser did the pose (Harry still not able to touch).
Another one of mine......
I took one of mine to Joe to show him “how it’s done”. This was met with some choice words to his mum.....
IMG_0036  IMG_0037  IMG_0038
I caught a truly handsome chap and a minute later a sneaky chap Bear insisted I pose with.
IMG_0039  IMG_0040  IMG_0042
Bear’s second chap gave him a good soaking as he flapped and complained, but very happy to pose.
IMG_0043  IMG_0044
My final two, bringing my total to twelve (growling quite, quite loudly), were true fighters, taking ages to coax in to the landing net. I’m sure the eleventh thought himself to be a heavyweight and nibbled, teased and played. I’m sure it was him who raced into the reeds and snapped the elastic on my feeder.....never seen an lower lip like it. None of our fish today were big chaps but they certainly gave us a day of entertainment
Time to go, our car framed very nicely.
All packed up, time to admire some truly huge beasts .
A pretty sky as we left.
Sunset en rote to Tesco for more ‘boys food’.