To Singapore

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 4 Nov 2016 23:57
To Singapore
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We met our driver, Jack at half past nine. He settled us to filling in forms as per the ones you get on an aeroplane, that done off we went and within fifteen minutes we were crossing the bridge that Beez Neez had come under five days ago. In a queue for just a few minutes, our Passports were stamped out of Malaysia. Next booth we were stamped into Singapore. Painless, free and so very simple.
The very first impression of SIngapore was greenery. Trees, parkland and lawns each side of the road, where people sensibly drive on the left.
Exactly an hour and ten minutes after our form filling we were settling Beds onto a crisp, white bed.
Looking straight out of our 12th storey window. ‘City View’. Neat swimming pool.
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The views left and right just as the heavens opened.
The hotel shuttle bus took us to nearby Novena – a massive area dedicated to hospitals of every menu choice, heads, backs, bits etc. To our right a shopping mall below which was the super clean metro world.
Two changes on the metro and eighty pence later, we were in a famous mall dedicated to all things computer and camera. We were here to saddle up a Coolpix P900 to replace the little Canon that whilst working has developed an annoying hair and blob that would need a techy a million miles away to take to pieces, rebuild and get its little Passport stamped – more that the replacement. A bigger, fun, 2000 mm (equivalent zoom – if you can hold it steady, I managed a label at the far end of the shop beyond the human eye and fell in love). We then went to the top of the seven storeys on escalators – because we could. On the third floor we looked down onto a shop full of ‘bits’.
The top floor mainly housed repairers working with tools any micro surgeon would be thrilled to handle.
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Coming back down it was time to find lunch in the food mall in the basement.
I thought Bear would settle for Pig’ Liver Porridge......on a menu list I shuddered in front of.
Bear came behind me and ordered something that looked dangerous at an Indian shop. As it turns out my ‘mild’ dish as the lady promised, set my eyebrows on fire. Perhaps we should have taken note of the other lady cutting chillies................. Thank heavens for a cold shandy. That done, we went back to Novena and walked back to our digs stopping in a posh supermarket for some bits and bobs for supper. Our TV only had news stations.......Our only complaint – if we had to have one.