Castle Howard

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 9 May 2014 21:57
Our Visit to Castle Howard
We left York after breakfast and drove under a dreary rain-laden sky, the fifteen miles to the first impressive monument that lets you know you are nearing the amazing ‘driveway’ of Castle Howard.
DSC_9022  DSC_9023
Once there you see a bit more.
DSC_9026  DSC_9027  DSC_9028
Once there, you see a bit more. 
DSC_9030  DSC_9031  DSC_9033
Once there, you see the last bit. 
DSC_9035  DSC_9036
We paid our fourteen pounds entry, jumped on the transfer train pulled by a trust tractor and chugged past the front of the Stable Block, a minute or two later we caught our first glimpse of Castle Howard itself.
Castle Howard from the lake
Castle Howard is one of England’s finest historic houses, situated just outside York in the Howardian Hill, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Built in the 18th century by Sir John Vanbrugh for Charles Howard, the third Earl of Carlisle, today Castle Howard is home to the Hon. Simon and Mrs Howard and their children Merlin and Octavia.
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We left the tractor and found a Rolls-Royce photo shoot in progress, bet they wished they had selected a brighter colour on this drizzly, grey day, for this quarter of a million pound steed. I thought it just got in the way of a nice picture of the front facade of the house.
Directly behind us was the view over the Great Lake. To the front we could see the original ‘areas’ that formed perhaps the first fish farm and nursery pools in the country.
Through the entrance, up into the first room where a portrait of the Hon. Simon Howard hangs. We learned from the very knowledgeable and friendly guide that as guides they change room every half an hour.
  IMG_1925  IMG_1926
In the first bedroom I whispered to the room guide, she looked alarmed, I was horrified when she began to step back from me. I went on to whisper that this was day thirty with no voice and I was no longer infectious. She turned, chewing gum visible and I was left feeling very hurt indeed. Bear told me not to worry as I stepped in to the pink room. He was very taken with the commode. 
DSC_9054  IMG_1931  DSC_9056 
I cheered up a bit when I saw the bear in the next room.
  DSC_9057  DSC_9058 
Each room we wandered through was just breathtakingly charming.
Bees. Delighted to see the pattern on this elderly cloth.
From up on the first floor we had a nice view of the ‘residential quarters’..........
...........and the dodgy coloured Rolls.
DSC_9061  DSC_9082
Stunning corridor. View of the Atlas Fountain in the garden.
We turned left and found ourselves in a corridor filled with Roman busts, and what a radiator.
DSC_9085  DSC_9065  DSC_9068
A 2nd century Antoninus Pius – AD 86-161. A stained glass window and a stunning clock.
 Posing on the stairs. More to follow.......