Duck Egg Artisans

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 26 Dec 2017 23:27
Duck Egg Artisans (Cong Ty TNHH MTV)
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As part of our tour to see the Cu Chi Tunnels, our first stop was at a factory where the disabled (many of whom, it is said, due to the effects of Agent Orange) use duck-egg ‘bits’ as an art medium. We were able to watch the talented workers at their various stations.
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Picture of ladies, our guide and a lovely gaggle of duck-egg ladies.
The Production Process Board.
Materials – duck egg shells.
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The ground shells go from rough pepper size to fine powder. A sprinkle design and more ladies in a breeze.
This lady was in charge of red tunics.
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A run on ladies in the breeze.
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This man was cutting a shell with very intricate results.
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I watched this lady for ages as she painstakingly pressed shells in place. 
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The polishing end.
Lovely blue tunic for a change.
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Getting a block ready, high sheen and very fine sandpaper.
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This chap so wanted his picture taken, he wrinkled his eyes in glee, showed me his finished picture and pointed to the Last Supper he had just finished. We ran our fingers over the pictures and found them as smooth as glass.
We bimbled around the shop where no photographs were allowed, I took this one before we entered. We found exquisite triptych’s, vases, tissue box covers, bottle stands and any amount of beautiful items.
Sadly, time to leave this fascinating factory. 
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