Billions to One

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 19 Nov 2012 17:58
Odds Must Be Billions to One

BB BBQ 001

The captain had no idea about his black-tipped beak, I think he was trying to prove he was hard at work.


BB BBQ 011

Sunday saw us at a Braai – South African for BBQ. Larry and Bear adopting the important position


BB BBQ 003  BB BBQ 004  BB BBQ 002

Brian, recently back from visiting his son in London and mum in South Africa. Marlo, Janelle and Lady Mac (showing her disproval as some of her ‘twinkly bits’ fell off her posh mug) and Lord Mac resplendent in hat.


BB BBQ 005  BB BBQ 006

Larry taking a break from the coals and Howard


BB BBQ 007

How frijoles ‘get laid


BB BBQ 009

Class picture goes to Eric for his Johnny Weissmuller impression


BB Office 003  BB Office 002  BB Office 001 

On Friday I got the office back – YeeHa, but only for four minutes. The final engine inspection revealed a washer was leaking. Heated on the stove and left to air-cool, captain informed me it’s gone soft again – clearly a don’t ask.


BB Ketchup 001

Ketchup, Guatemalan style is slightly more like puree, tastes OK but not sure about it being called Ana Belly.

Moth and the puppies have been featured in the Mail on Sunday, this is the link to see this weeks Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr pictures. Congratulations. Only four left for sale.
BB BBQ 001 (2)
Life on the river maintains a steady flow but the weather has turned cold. Well the temperature dropped a couple of nights to around twenty one degrees, cardigan in the evening, not what I signed up for, but it’s due to a cold front – back to normal soon I hope.  
The reason for this weeks blog title is an amazing one, just look at the surname on the card below. On Thursday the Trivia Quiz was held at our marina, we had no intention of going until Bear saw the special was chicken curry. Quick shower and a joint agreement that we would make our own team of two, we settled in the corner pen and paper ready. Bear enjoyed his supper and I had my usual – Pepe’s salad. The ladies prepare it just for me with my own personal menu stuck to the side of the fridge. The normal Mandarina Salad comes with Garlic sauce, onions, ginger and cilantro, mine doesn’t. Anyway three questions in a couple come rushing over and sat at our table. During the evening cards were exchanged. What are the odds of a couple from Canada, with the same surname and Aubrey’s dad and grandpa coming from Wednesbury ????
Distant cousins somewhere along the line...........
BB Ketchup 004