Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 13 Feb 2010 23:44
After the excitement of the zoo, it was off to Guanica to find Mimi's, tucked off the beaten track
Welcomed by the proprietor, David, who said Mimi's was named after his late mum. He showed us to our wonderful Bo-ho room. "Be ready for 18:30, if you want to go out" 
Bear soon settled and was ready for an afternoon drink in our private garden
David, Peter and Ruth, Paul and Susan (the other guests) and the two of us went off to Bodega in Ensenada for the evening. They don't advertise so it's purely word of mouth that brings in guests to this converted garden restaurant. They are gaining a reputation for good food especially the tapas. Their home made red wine, fortified with brandy and four flavours of liquor are delicious - of course they had to force us to try them all...... Sadly they haven't started producing white wine, but they had a good choice of Spanish import. The magician was painfully bad but the band more than made up for it. Back by midnight.
Up bright and breezy the next morning, David showed us to his local beach, some fifteen minutes walk away from Mimi's.
It's a protected lagoon with the sea and reef way out from the mangrove on the opposite side from where we found this piece of heaven
As we neared, the water was crystal clear. We spent an hour drifting on the current and searching for the iguanas that cross from the beach to sunbathe in the mangrove
The only others with us were this pair scuttling up and down the beach
Sadly and all too soon it was time to wend our way toward Ponce.