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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 17 Jan 2012 23:37
Final Beaufort Bimble and Bits
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Ice cream in the sun, sitting on a swing, looking at the girl – idyllic
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Wandering around looking at some rather grand houses, 118 for sale – just with one agent
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This one is on the market at $2,990,000
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There are many very modest houses up for sale too
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We love the drain cover warnings
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Just as I was taking a picture of Spanish moss the voice next to me said Funny idea where they place their cemeteries and what they place in their cemeteries. See Pepe growl – Oa Oh
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Have you seen anyone forced to select their own whip to be flogged with
Bear has
Run Bear, run
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On our final bimble in town we visited a historic home and would have been happy with a $5 entry, the $10 to see (no photographs allowed) was a bit steep for what we saw complete with a tour guide with just surface knowledge who made several mistakes. Oh well another town to big up ‘the old stuff’ as if it were the Great Pyramid.

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When Carolina Became Two States: One of the least known, but interesting stories, is how out of one Carolina there arose two states, North and South Carolina. The story begins with a large grant of land in the New World in 1663, by King Charles II. It was granted to eight of his courtier nobles, who had aided the king in his return to England and the English throne. Those eight nobles were then known as the Lords Proprietors who called their newly acquired land “Carolina” in honour of their king (Carolus being Latin for Charles).
The first attempt to settle Carolina was near the Virginia border by an English group from Barbados. It was on the Cape Fear River and didn’t last long.
The second attempt was the proposed 1670 settlement of Port Royal, in what is now known as Beaufort County, on the coast. Within a few days of being at this Port Royal site, the settlers were persuaded by the local Indians that the area was not safe. They moved some some sixty five miles north to a location which they called CharlesTowne.
In 1665, the original land grant was large, defined as extending from thirty degrees, thirty minutes north of Pamlico Sound, bordering on Virginia, to twenty nine degrees to the south, well south of Spanish St Augustine. Some maps showed the southern limit as thirty one degrees, or the San Mateo River, also claimed by Spain.
In 1664, The Lords Proprietors provided for three counties: Albermarle, Clarendon and a third unnamed. The latter was to be south of Cape Romain, all to be within the Carolina Province. About the same time, the Lords decided that the part about to be settled south and west of Cape Romain, be a distinct government from Clarendon County with a distinct Governor.
The first mention of South Carolina was in a document dated the 23rd of December 1719. It was an Act, signed by Governor James Moore Junior, “For recording all Questions and Disputes concerning the Assembling and Sitting of this Present Assembly of the Settlement in South Carolina.” Later in 1733, the English King made yet another change which established the colony of Georgia south of South Carolina, between Beaufort County, SC and Spanish Florida. 

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We have found out random stuff here in town, found a great ice cream parlour, playing Dean Martin and pecan ice cream with hot fudge sauce - heaven, but once again it’s time to move on. Off in the morning, probably an overnight somewhere en route to Thunderbolt, Savannah. So it’s farewell to South Carolina. We said our bye byes to the lady in the shop/office, Mandy the Manager of the “Bird Dawg” fame. What an accent, I keep expecting Dolly Parton to leap out from behind her.


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On the marina is this girl – a future ‘One Careful Owner’. One of the livaboards said she had been recently bought at auction for $4000. It may cost that to remove the growth from the canopy and certainly that again to remove the small farm growing underneath. I can just imagine what the wife of new owner said on her first visit to the newest family member.


Beaufort Bimble Final 022


The boat next door but two is a natural roost for the local family of grackles. I wake up each morning a giggle as soon as I hear my mate. He has a habit of stomping over the deck just above the deck and dropping things that look like small acorns. I swear he has the ability to mimic a mobile phone and crap all over the girl.