Final Mossel and the Journey Back

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 12 Jan 2020 23:57
Final Mossel and the Journey Back
P1120001  P1120003
The tree in the back garden that Larry and Marlo hang ‘bigger bits’ they find on the beach. Before we left we had to have a group picture. Getting Larry and Bear to check the light was a real piece of work, then we got Robert (L+M’s son) behind the camera.
P1120004  P1120005
Not all looking.
Nearly, but Allen not looking forward.
P1120007  P1120008
Zuko plumped down of his own volition but lost a bit of leg and tail. Oh dear.....
Getting there, but Larry has a cunning plan.
As good as it was going to get. The bottle of Amarula a memory of how much we put away over the last few days – Larry, Marlo, Me, Bear, Patricia and Allen. Then came the time to say our fondest farewells and hit the road remembering fun, laughter, reminiscence, warmth and friendship.
Shortly after leaving, we stopped in the next town at a pie shop (a Die ou Meul – the same as on the way to Mossel Bay). We gathered a variety for our freezers and then came the discussion of what to eat. We had choices of snacks, pizzas or KFC which won. Well, what a laugh. We stood at the counter and stood and stood. Bear and Patricia went to sit down. Eventually a chap who clearly was much vexed served us, mid way a lady took over. We ordered our food quite quickly but stalled when we asked for the two-litre bottle of Coke that came with our meal choice. “No, we don’t have any two-litre bottles”. What do you have. “Oh, we have litre bottles.” Can we have two of those. “OK, I guess so.”  The Allen and I stood and stood and chatted and giggled about the Coke episode and twenty-five minutes later we finally clutched our hard fought food and sat. Patricia fancied a ice cream. Off Allen went and returned.....yes, twenty-five minutes later. More giggling. Were there hundreds in the queue, no, each time no one. That done, car filled with petrol we set off properly.
We decided to take the N1 back to Cape Town, very soon we had dramatic scenery to our right......
.....and to our left.
Light changing all the time.
Lovely mountains.
P1120023  P1120022  P1120021
A very pretty journey with a brief stop at a supermarket for a few needed supplies and then on to Cape Town. Bear parked the car near the marina and we, by chance, found a shopping trolley, filled it and trotted back to our respective homes. What a wonderful time to look back on.
                     A NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN MEMORY