No Clew

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 17 Jun 2015 22:57
No Clew
Steve bought this beauty for Mags Valentine’s present – I got a card and an audiobook...............
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Super-Action-Hero fighting his very long ‘blue job’ list. Ta-dah. My friend Trooper checking out his new digs.
LF Bits St Aug 006  LF Bits St Aug 010
I never need much of an excuse to look back on my favourite four-wheel turbo-drive, Trooper. How in St. Augustine he used to race from the dinghy dock, along the pontoon, straight up onto Beez Neez and place his two front feet on the top step, look down into the kitchen and wait patiently for his bowl of Ricicles each morning. Then he sat nicely to high tea and chose what he fancied in his sarny. One ear up, one down – always. Miss you my little friend.
How thrilled were we to read this part of an email............. of all the fonts in all the world......... absolutely amazing. Incredible.
“......... the neat part is when we picked out a font by site the graphics guy told us it was Bees we knew that karma was at work so went with it at once.”
There she is in the water, with such a fantastic name.
 BB To Daytona Beach 014 - Copy
We wish Steve, Mags and Trooper many years of lazy summer days, good fishing and great at-ventures aboard No Clew.
                     WISHING YOU HAPPY TIMES