Jobs Day

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 27 Oct 2015 23:57
A Day of Jobs and Chores
Every time I wake during the night, I potter to the office to change a dvd. The pile we bought in Lautoka to copy to hard drive is getting smaller but still about fifty to do. This morning the whole of Beez had a golden glow. A quick dvd change and out to see a glorious daybreak.
The sunrise slowly began to take the gold colours........
.....until everything turned to pale yellows.
IMG_7842  IMG_7843  IMG_7845
I used my laptop sitting up in bed last night to sort and edit photographs and the power naturally dropped from a hundred per cent to thirty. Before I went to sleep I trotted it back to the office and plugged it in to charge on the twelve volt socket. When I checked it this morning it said it was plugged in but not charging. Mmmm. Bear thinks the internal battery has failed but I’m not ready to give up yet. My mains cable took a beating when the right-angle socket got hit against the table and frequent smacks from the dvd drawer have rendered it dead. Plan, well today has been pitched as a ‘jobs and chores day’, I’ll strip the wires and see if it can be repaired. I tried that once and found foil that just shredded. Undeterred I had a go. I found an internal core wire and surrounding ones, I set about making two bundles at each of the severed ends. Bear soldered them, or as my pupa used to say “soddered”. Mains on, nadder. Still saying plugged in but not charging. Mmmm.
Now, Bear has just read this, as he always does, to check for spelling, not that he can spell. For content and if he knows what I mean the BARB’s will be able to understand too. Pupa, I hear him question, no not pu-pa as in chrysalis but pronounced pupper. You would say Grandpa. When I was young we could actually buy cards for birthdays that said Pupa and Christmas cards to Nana and Pupa..........
IMG_7953  IMG_7954
After breakfast Bear got to his first problem. The TV we use to watch our films and episodes at the foot of the bed had stopped working. Newly replaced in Suva ‘himself’ was needless to say – as cross as a wasp. The volt reading told him eight volts were getting to it instead of the required twelve. Much scratching of head and muttering under breath. The need to take all the cupboards to pieces to find a breakage fills me with woe so a quick and dirty remedy is to put a new wire from the fuse panel to where I know the wiring is OK. Sounds like a plan indeed sir, pop a tail on it and sing “Plans are here today, lah, lah, lah, lah, lah, happy plans are here today.” I suggest you cabbage patch yourself somewhere. Oh OK. Well my corner in the lounge was clearly ‘in use’. I thought I could pitch up on the bed. Uh no. Office then, perhaps the least comfy seat in the house but hey, I’ll write some blogs and keep out of the way. I’ll want to go in there after lunch. Have you ever seen anyone throw the logbook with such a good aim........
Bear has.
Get to your wiring sir, get to it............
IMG_7960  IMG_7962
Well, a new thing for me is not so much mosquito bites upsetting me but the actual initial stab. Eight on my fingers and four on my wrists. Talk about leap into action. Tiny itch, followed by weeping blister, followed by the worst itching ever. A week later and the stab wound heals and the blister dries and leaves an unhappy scar. Thank heavens Bear found me an old tube of Synalar which quietens things down. Sitting in the office typing quietly and minding my own business, I get two pairs – matching on each arm just below tee shirt level. Did you plan this. What. Don’t give me what. I hear selective chuckling. Why blame me. Cos you’re hear. Oh.
At midday we saw the plane arrive that would take Jen to Port Vila at two.
Somewhat odd to see the plane on Mystery Island.
Lunch came and went. Supper came and went. TV monitor works. Hurrah.
My cunning plan number two of the day. Steady. Hush. Shut my computer down, take the battery out and give it a good blow – maybe, just maybe my talcum dusting has........, more like a blizzard than a dusting. Hush I tell you. Well, colour me happy, put back together my chirpy little chap is saying ‘plugged in and charging’.
Time for sunset pictures and a game or two.
Sunset on a productive day.
                     SAD TO BE INDOORS BUT GOOD TO DO