New Prop

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 11 Feb 2013 23:49
Meet Our New Propeller
BB Visitors Centre 168
Daniel at Bruntons in Clacton on Sea was true to his word. New prop built and finished by Tuesday, in the post that night and in Panama City Customs by Friday evening. Bear picked it up this morning from the Marina Office.
Thank You Daniel you are a star.

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A hefty piece of kit compared to the skippers foot and my $6 Croc look-a-likes


Unpacked and dusted, Bear went off to seek a diver to fit the new beast. The ever present threat of crocodiles means no captain going under the girl. To back it up in fairness we have seen two or three of the said creatures. Skipper returned - all grins – Thursday. Diver booked meant that I could email our agent Erick and say we could be ready to leave anytime after Friday. Email by return, our slot is Thursday the 21st of February.

Beez Neez is going through the Panama Canal to paddle in the Pacific.



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                     AN AWESOME BIT OF KIT