One Careful Owner 2011

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 31 Dec 2011 22:28
This Year’s One Careful Owner Award – Finals
Banana Museum Martinique January
Banana Museum Tractor
We could say that this year’s pickings were slimmer than normal. Our trip to Canada produced zero results, on the east coast of America we have been in more swampland than ‘humanland’ and New York just does not know the concept of our need to find entries for this popular blog spot. However, the beginning of the year we were overcome with entrants and the quality was extraordinary. Bear’s favourite was the trailer belonging to the tractor – that is only held together by a few pipes – seen in January at the Banana Museum.
Georgetown Bahamas in April
This years big girl entry was seen in Georgetown, Bahamas
Lady in Marin January
Liveaboard Award and this years overall boat winner was this ‘lady’ seen in Marin – her own dinghies came second
Long Island March  March on Long Island
Vehicular entries were from Long Island in March
Mack, March Long Island
A Mack, I say again a Mack – how could they want to enter my beloved brand of truck - a Mack, again Long Island
Portsmouth 24th 1 11
Fortunately the Mack was bested by a lady we have seen before in ‘a much improved condition’ and so this years commercial vehicle winner – The Truck in Portsmouth High Street, Dominica
A close second in the dwellings section and surprise to find this house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, but overall winner.........
St Pierre, Martinique
This years House Award goes to this beauty in St Pierre, Martinique
Scooter Iles des Saintes, January
A special rosette and overall second goes to this scooter outside someone’ house on the High Street, Iles des Saintes
Nevis February
First Prize just has to go to this beauty (I hope you mean the car) seen on Nevis in February