Celebratory Lunch

A Celebratory Lunch and Lake Worth Leaving Do
BB Peanut Island 004
We had this view for a couple of days. Meantime I sat with our old RV Wave (internet aerial) tracking bear’s parcel. We bought a Wirie AP, a new internet booster, posted to us in New York. It never worked properly so Bear finally sent it back from Titusville. I shouted “Eureka” as the UPS email told me the package had arrived at the marina. Off we went to visit Peanut Island followed by a post run. The other thing to celebrate was the final episode to getting the air-con - the one Bear ordered that blew hot air - finally the lady sent the correct UPS label so it has finally been picked up from the marina in Titusville and now on it’s way home. Thank you to Robert who allowed the staff to trip over it and stuck the label on.
BB Peanut Island 110  BB Peanut Island 113  BB Peanut Island 111
Well faced with ten dollars to put Baby Beez on the marina dock or free if we had lunch in Tiki’s – no argument. Yeeeee-Haaaaarrrrrrr, they sell Mudslide. However, my joy and anticipation was short lived, there was something very wrong. Our waiter, Jeff saw my bottom lip quiver and went to root around in the back of beyond.
BB Peanut Island 115  BB Peanut Island 114  BB Peanut Island 116
Jeff heartily agreed a mudslide with no mud is just wrong. He made me a smiley face with the real deal – Hersheys Chocolate Sauce, then he coloured it in.
BB Peanut Island 118  BB Peanut Island 122
I happily mixed and enjoyed. My second was perfect
BB Peanut Island 125
On our way back to Beez we passed this very busy looking Australian lady
BB Peanut Island 130
Back to Beez to get ready to leave on the morrow.