Day 2 to Antigua

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 18 Feb 2020 16:03
13:22.22 S  8:41.61 W
Day Two to Antigua
Sunday the 16th of February - Day Zero: Bear spent the morning fitting the alternator and its belt then changed the oil. I tidied and got ‘things’ out that we would need for our journey – at 3,900 nautical miles our longest, also the final one to ‘Close the Circle’. Hope to be completed in about 32 or 33 days depending on what happens as we cross The Doldrums and our final toast to King Neptune as we pass through the Equator.
We went ashore for the last time with our rubbish and ate lamb shanks in Anne’s Place. Didier and Monika joined us from Harmoni II who had just arrived. Back to Beez in quite heavy rain, Bear asked if I would rather wait until morning but as we would roll all night I suggested that we may as well get going.
Engine on at 18:40, we left St Helena with a massive rainbow which we took as a harbinger of good luck.
Monday the 17th of February – Day One: A very usual day, just like on the way to St Helena. I won at backgammon and at 18:00 we had completed 116 nmiles.
Tuesday the 17th of February – Day Two: I was brave enough to do Bear venison pie, sprouts, peas, mash and gravy for lunch. I lost at backgammon and at 18:00 we have completed 240 nmiles.
These blogs will be so very boring to do on a daily basis so I will add one at the end of each week. Love to everyone for now xx xx
                      LOVELY STEADY PROGRESS