Mexican Food and Othniel

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 12 Nov 2019 23:57
Mexican Food and Othniel
We woke this morning to find these flower wreaths floating around the marina. I was happily taking these shots out of the conservatory back door when I heard a rustling behind me. Bear was still in bed ??? Turning I saw a monkey sitting in our main doorway helping himself to the few BBQ tortilla chips in the tuck basket. I was so surprised I asked him to exeunt stage left forgetting to take his picture. He re-joined the other four bimbling along the main walkway........whatever next.
Bear trotted off along the main quayside to see if he could organise shore power for Beez.
Soon he was laying down on the job. While he was doing that I tackled the fridge that had stopped working three days ago (same problem as before – a piece of detritus was blocking something), a few hard taps, a drubbing with the blow torch and whoosh into tentative life. I stripped everything out, the tomatoes could be mown with a Flymo, the cucumber s spongy but most food was OK. Butter, milk and essentials were tucked in the cool box at one end of the freezer and the three cheese blocks were laid in the freezer itself – just in case the whiring, action noise abated.
PB120008  PB120009
A colourful ray bimbled over to say ‘hello’.
Then he went to say ‘hello’ to Slow Flight. Trevor called over to see if we fancied Mexican for lunch so I sprayed the fridge and left it to its whiring. Bear successfully hooked us up to the electric supply, so we can say it had been a promising morning. En route to lunch we passed a tattoo parlour and I found myself head through the door, booked for ten on the morrow for my African piece.
Soon Kimi was holding Bear’s and her Red Jar – no e numbers and way too sweet for me.
PB120013  PB120014
Kimi’s platter and Bear’s nachos.
 PB120015  PB120016
Trevor’s and mine.
Trevor enjoyed mango daiquiri. me strawberry, the food was delicious.
Adobe elephants  IMGA0035
On our way back from lunch I was inspired to poke my head back in the tattoo place. They had a spot, in I went and Dylan settled to work. I’m not jumping the wildlife gun as we saw many on our trip here in February 2003. Adobe Park ellies.
Grumpy elephants
I got to spend a very long time with this grumpy chap in full must before word got out, game rangers descended and a huge exclusion perimeter was set up. I had Bear stay in the car just in case there was a maleness problem.....
Elephant park
While I’m at the reminiscing, we visited an elephant orphanage where we each bought a bucketful of cabbage leaves, carrots etc. to feed the cutest, biggest, parentless lovelies ever. Bear was getting on famously with his chosen chap, when all of a sudden he sneezed. The wardens around us looked to me to see if it was OK to laugh. I was rendered helpless. Every time Bear said this is not funny the snot dangling from his glasses waggled like a male turkeys engorged snoods (dangly chin bits) and we all laughed even harder. And the silly Billy was wearing – yes - a white shirt.
hugging a lion  IMGA0030
Karma and Payback........ The following day we visited a lion orphanage, my sweetheart went all gooey-eyed at being nuzzled then decided to bite my right boob. Nasty, little, sharp, white fangs. With protective, armed guards all around me I gently pressed my thumb into her throat and whispered that she would be the next step on from rare if she didn’t let go. I was very privileged to give her her last human cuddle as she was going to join the teenagers in a big boy and girl pen the following day. In a couple of years time she would have been tried in the adult enclosure to see if she could fend for herself prior to release into the wild - or a game park - or if too ill-equipped, a zoo. We wished her well but still carry the little, white teeth marks from a rare, white lion cub – a permanent reminder and some deserved recompense for me.
Back to today. Meet Othniel – Hebrew for Lion of God. The two tiny lines to the bottom right are there for a special reason. They mark the shipping channel into Richards Bay where I steered hard right to move straight forward on an interesting swell.
                     A VERY FRUITFUL DAY