Foggy Day at Niagara

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 14 May 2011 22:57
A Very Foggy Day at the Niagara Falls
We got up to a small amount of fog over the falls. Undaunted we thought we would go and explore after a hearty buffet breakfast. Through the back of the hotel, over a walkway, down the steps and a tiny walk to the Falls Incline Railway. This is a quick and convenient link between the Fallsview Tourist area with Table Rock Centre. A one-minute trip transported us in style.


Falls Incline Facts: Maximum capacity: 1,600 persons per hour. Capacity of each car: 40 people per trip. Speed (max.): 190 feet per minute (Slowest incline railway in the world!). Length of Trip: 57 seconds. Height of embankment: 100 feet. Manufacturer: Von Roll Ltd., Switzerland. Opening date: Saturday, the 8th of October 1966 at 3:30pm. First official paying rider: N. G. Ziegler of the Michigan Railway Club. Original cost of one way trip: 10 cents - todat $2.50 each way. Power Source: Direct current electric motor. Track Arrangement: 2 independent tracks. Length of Track: 170 feet (51.8 m). Track Gauge: Just under 6' 1" (185 cm). Number of braking mechanisms: 7 (service brake, 2 safety brakes, 4 car brakes). Weight of each car: 4040 pounds.






At the bottom we entered the huge Table Rock building. The start point for the Fury, Observation Decks, Journey Behind the Falls and so many souvenir shops, food outlets and sweet shops. We came down to experience the Fury, a 4D feature. We waited a short time, armed with blue ponchos we entered a big room that featured a short cartoon showing how the Niagara Falls were formed. Next we moved into a round room and were amazed. A film ran around the upper part of the room, thunder and lightening, an imaginary ride over the falls. From the ceiling rain and snow. From the side huge water spouts. The people just in front of us got soaked, we were lucky with just a fine spray. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the experience. Outstanding graphics and a marvelous experience. Totally unexpected. A quick look around the shops where it is hard to find anything NOT Made in China, although I did find a few t-shirts Made in El Salvador.





We went out on to the Observation Deck, the fog now swirling around. I took the shot of the water, amazed at how close it was to me and how shallow. We couldn't get over the difference between yesterday and today and felt somewhat sorry for people visiting just for the day.


To warm up we had an Irish Coffee in a trendy restaurant that featured locally blown glass (a big industry around here) stuck around the ceilings to look like fire - very effective


We read the information boards as we wandered back to the entrance - cannot get over the rescue of Roger (above)
The newly finished Niagara Tunnel
Bear at the entrance, the fog now swirling high above the hotels
Walking through the Casino that cost a billion dollars to complete - today the million dollar fountain full and working
Some foggy views, we did feel sorry for a bride who could not have her photos by the Bridal Veil Falls. The first I took at seven this morning the others at six and seven this evening
After a spuddle we went back to our room for a game of backgammon (I lost) and a few games of rummikub (I won), time for a soak and rest before dinner. Bear had surf (lobster tail) and turf (8oz fillet). I had rack of lamb served on a red wine reduction. Very good.
Bear had a lovely surprise - cake to welcome his birthday at midnight - when we got back to our room another piece of cake waiting on a tray





                     WONDERFUL FUN AND A CHILL OUT DAY