Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 31 Dec 2011 23:17
2011 – Our Year Summary
1 January  2 February
3 March  4 April
January, February, March and April. Yachties generally do a sum up of the year. We have done it in pictures and not too many words.
5 May  5 May 3
5 May (2)  5 May 4
6 June 1  6 June (2)  7 July 2
7 July (2)
June and July
  8 August  LF_Day_One_Bus_Nat_Hist_Air_290
9_September  10 October
September and October
11 November  12 December
November and December
It may appear that we slowed down at the end of November and stayed put in Beaufort, North Carolina for all of December. Well this year was our busiest yet. In twenty seven weeks we were actually sailing we managed to visit twenty six islands in the Caribbean, plus a day trip to Mustique. We flew to Canada. We then motored through eight states in the USA bringing our mileage total for the year to 3224.48. We flew to the UK for a home visit. Fabulous to see all the family and celebrate Adam and Jenny getting married in September; they are expecting our sixth grandchild (congratulations to you both) at the end of June 2012, (hopefully on my birthday, but I don’t mind two days later on Uncle Alex and Aunty Kate’s birthday). A few days after our call from Adam and Jenny with their news – Martin and Kim rang to say how excited they were to tell us about our seventh grandchild being en route AND they hope to provide a little bundle of pink, fingers crossed, but at this rate if it’s a little boy we are well on the way to a full team. We have for the time being named them Sixymill and Milliesept. How DELIGHTED ARE WE.
                     WE’VE SPREAD OUR WINGS SO FAR – THEY ACHE
Paint a snarl on Pepe’s face
Have you ever seen anyone lash out with a nine inch Christmas tree
Bear has
Stop chuckling Bear, Stop chuckling