Villa Week 44 - Beez Prep

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 23 Jan 2021 23:57

Week Forty-Four at Sleeping Indian



Sunday the 17th of January. My eggs this morning had the juiciest, biggest yolks ever and Bear’s egg event was a little cutie. Slack day with family video calls.

Monday the 18th. Bear put the roof on the gas cylinder hutch, I did housework and stared at the Beez pile all over the lounge floor, relieved when I could put the first coat on the hutch roof. An amazing picture of a single night’s snowfall from dear friend Andrea in Switzerland - a massive difference to the view we have from the villa…….not for me.

Tuesday the 19th. Second coat on hutch roof with ‘friends’ to keep me company, big bin bag of rubbish sorting from the Beez pile on the floor. Bear made the frame for hutch door. Lovely catch up with Kate and Mark.

Wednesday the 20th. Bear tidied his electric boxes and made a start on his bedside cabinet, full of things electrickery. I did some touch up painting and sorted files. A joy to watch the birds at the sugar bowl.

Thursday the 21st. Our biggest sorting day yet, five black sacks to the rubbish shed. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing to Beez. Lovely catch up with The Scotties. Quite an event tonight with all the twenty-ones.  

Friday the 22nd. Visa run day. Bear went to hire the car while I did banking and bills and of course fed the boys and girls. We arrived early for our appointment and very different to the last two ‘pictures, prints, pay and three month stamp’, we had a proper interview. Keen to let us have six months (twice the price of three) as the country is in dire need to get finances coming in. That done we did the normal shopping day. Nice, long chat with Bird.

Saturday the 23rd. Bear worked on completing the hutch door and I gave it a first coat on both sides. The boys and girls chirped so loudly it became impossible not to reach for the sugar bag, bought yesterday, Jamaican, soft brown as a treat for them. A visit from Mr King Bird was lovely at lunchtime, he hasn’t forgotten how to swoop so fat for his treats. Somehow the day flew by.