Tuanai Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 29 Sep 2013 22:57
Our First Tuanai Bimble
After our late lunch we went for a spuddle to the massive motu opposite called Tuanai. The water was so shallow we parked Baby Beez on some dry sand and paddled in the warm, clear water.
IMG_5146  IMG_5155
A while later, our Brazilian neighbours on the catamaran did exactly the same thing.
The colours are something special.
Beez with the church of Vaiea, Maupiti behind her.
Our chart plotter picture shows just how big the motu is.
IMG_5152  IMG_5151
Looking back to Baby Beez and forward out toward the pass.
IMG_5153  IMG_5157  IMG_5166  IMG_5169
No sooner than we stepped ashore we had a welcoming committee of hundreds.
This chap was actually using a barnacle house, attached to a lump of rock and very heavy indeed. He spent much of his time shuffling backwards, resting, shuffling, resting. Now and again he got enough balance and momentum to get up on tip toe and run sideways. We called him ‘buying a town house when you should have bought a bungalow’....... So funny to watch. When he moves life will be so much easier and quicker.
IMG_5171  IMG_5173
In the shallows, we saw a regional meeting of sea cucumbers and a group of hard corals.
I rounded the far corner..........
IMG_5174  IMG_5176
...........whilst Bear had a paddle.
IMG_5181  IMG_5177  IMG_5178
The seaward side, so much windier. Dead coral instead of sand. A shack with an awesome view.
 IMG_5183  IMG_5182
This chaps shell looked a bit moth-eaten but his defense system was top drawer.
Up into the woods for an explore, we saw another yacht passing.
IMG_5185  IMG_5186  IMG_5189
Bear was tasked to dig in an occupied hole. “Put your finger in to get perspective and then pick him up because the blog readers demand it.” - - - - - - - - to that. The answer came with the first word rhyming with row and locks. When said resident appeared after ten minutes playing possum, he really, really looked angry.
IMG_5191  IMG_5190
Off he scuttled waving his arms aloft, claws at the ready. 
IMG_5195  IMG_5198
A last few pictures and back to Baby Beez.
Wave to our neighbours. A little spuddle and back to Beez.
                     PEACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL