Getting There

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 19 Apr 2015 22:57
Job List Condition – Getting There
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The week began with perfection on my side and just a teeny event on Bears.
My new tensioning unit and shuttle arrived. Out came the steed to finally end the sewing jobs, then he can stabled for a long and well deserved holiday. The chap on the left is seen with a big dent, hence no more zig-zagging. The new chap was fitted in the blink of an eye and back into the saddle I climbed.
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Bear put the finished cockpit table together and I added the ‘closed’ table runner.
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The opened table with table cloth added, maybe time to christen it with a game of celebratory backgammon. Considering I suggested the game, I was horrified to be four nil down with quite the money drop, suddenly fortune and luck reversed and at four all I went into the decider eight dollars up. Huh. An easy win don’t make me growl, well less of the bad language then. The game had been played with Bear testing his undercover, the new cockpit chairs are to be kept pristine until the sponge fails. We bought two single incontinent sheets, one now seen as chair-fitted. The seams were sound, what you think my losing put them sufficiently to the test. I watched the squirming. Huh.
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The final sewing job began with a false start as I dropped the pin pot. Car seat covers are now mid alteration for the cockpit seats. I just have to remove the waggly bit at the top, where the headrest should be. Slash the edge seam, adding armrest covers and shorten the whole thing a bit. Meantime Bear has been pottering about, teak oiled the grab rails and exterior wood, polished the deck, sealed the gas locker hatches and rode his computers around the office getting the maps and weather files sorted. Next week we will hopefully, weather friendly, go out into the next bay to try out this nonsense of sailing, anchoring and perform some basic sea trials ready for leaving on a decent weather window next month. Needs to be done and the water maker needs bringing out of its long holiday, change his filters and look at his pipes, lucky thing.
1 Egg Sack

Unfortunately we are unable to identify the creature completely, but we all agree that you are likely dealing with a mollusk. 

It appears to be either internals of mussels/clam/oyster OR could be a sea slug. 

It is definitely not an egg. 

I wish we could be of more help. 

Good luck! 



Jenn Nero Moffatt | Director of Husbandry
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UC San Diego


How thrilled we were to receive this email. Finally our chap has a name. Oysters are all over the bay, in fact so prolific, we are going on that suggestion. We cannot thank Jenn and her team enough for all their help in identifying our chap. Special thanks to Frank – BARB, who put us in touch with the University.
The final Mexican train of the week was a breeze for me. My nines saw for the first time ever, a complete run of all my fifteen chaps, that is a winner, unless my dearly beloved checks my progress with an unanswered double. He did, luckily, I picked and answered without any interference to my standing chaps. Out I went, Bear was caught with thirteen men and a loss of one hundred and ninety one........... I was robbed, I was affronted and dealt with bad luck, I may have to growl quite loudly, can you make me a Horlicks at the same time. Huh.
                     RARING TO GO