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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 7 Apr 2016 22:47
Final Blog from Newcastle
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A dry, sunny day meant the final big sewing job (for now) could be finished. Bear took the pram hood off and I stripped the old, sun-damaged Velcro and zips. The sewing machine was poised for a stiff canter with Bear on support duty.
IMG_4232  IMG_4234
Whilst the skipper put things back to rights in the cockpit I did a quick zip replacement on our beach blanket-cum-poncho-cum-back-sack. Pram hood now has a cunning flap above the dashboard. Velcro strip holds flap down (in place) to protect the big Velcro strip needed when the middle plastic window is zipped closed. Keep up. This happens to stop wet stuff splashing into the cockpit in rough seas, old Velcro had no fur left so wet stuff did tend to sneak in a bit, not now....... Good idea of mine. Sterling Sir, sterling. 
All done, time for the machine to be stowed in his stable under the bed, so may as well change the bedding. Shower and washing on, we could fit in a quick game of backgammon before nipping back to laundry to start the tumble drying, very pleased to report a five two victory and my winnings pot has quickly risen from a dismal hundred and thirty five dollars up to two hundred and forty one. Huh and double Huh.
The fridge got a new jacket to improve insulation and hopefully make it more efficient. This took two attempts, Bear unpacked the first but a smaller cover was in the packaging, then he returned again after a few words with a nice lady in the shop, success.
I put this little chap on Facebook, photograph taken on our road trip to Uluru. The commentary - Thorny devils stand in water and drink by capillary action, the water travels up their legs along the back and into the mouth. The lump on the back of their neck is a false head, if attacked they tuck their head between their legs - the false one can be ripped off, heal but not regrow, helping these little chaps live to twenty years old. They move in a stop-start rocking to look like a leaf blowing in the wind. Immediately after Bear read this he was seen with his feet in a bowl of rum, he says he has reached the age where I need both heads to function in any semblance of order.......... What can I possibly say to this, dear reader.
Later, sitting in bed, he looked down and said judging by the sheet, I think it’s raining. Really Sherlock,,,,,, somehow I think the capillary absorption of rum has either failed or worked a little too well.............
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Today we took ourselves off for a long promised trip to see Newcastle Cathedral. En route to the bus stop we saw a paradise flower that, even past its sell-by date, still looks impressive, then a happy yellow job. The sky was busy with a flock of pigeons swirling, dipping behind the shops and re-appearing only to bank left once more. Bear mused it must be rough out at sea. Mmm, I wouldn’t have thought pigeons have ever been known to be doppelgangers for seabirds or harbingers of the weather conditions out at sea, but what do I know. We asked the bus driver to tell us when to get off, he forgot and we were well beyond the cathedral by the time he remembered us, never mind we chirped more of a bimble and tour of where Novocastrians call home.
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The 1876 T & G building next to the Union Steam Ship Company, now used by a local electric producer.
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We always think it a bit sad to see a church being advertised for something different than what it was originally intended.
Plaque. Seems the buildings here have played musical chairs....
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On the left a bit further up the hill was a rather sterile Council Chambers Additions 1922-23 on our side a set of terraces so like the ones they are trying to save in Sydney.
Some of the terrace though is in a very poorly condition.
The 1983 Police Station is a sombre looking building, under the eaves the concrete looks as if a mouse has nibbled it, in contrast the original on Hunter Street looks old but somehow perkier despite being built well over a hundred years before the ‘new one’.
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At the top of the hill we looked out across a very dull, grey sea. Summer has passed us by – reinforced by all things warm weather drastically reduced in the shops and woolly-pullies out on show, definitely time to head north. Our old friend David Allen seen coming in.
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We watched for ages as a lone surfer carefully chose his wave, he did well until a spectacular dismount.
IMG_4154  IMG_4155  James Fletcher
A statue took us further along, James Fletcher M.L.A. Later, we looked him up and found a rather handsome photograph of the man. I’m not keen on full beards with a naked top lip. Rightee-oh then.
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On the opposite side of the road is a James Fletcher Hospital. The view down the road looking out toward Nobby’s Head.
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Another building long gone, the replacement not looking too well. We dropped a road back.
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On we went passing the Law Courtsnew next door to old. There is a very swish Court on Hunter Street as well.
Newcastle Grammar School, we crossed the road.
Finally, at the top of the hill on the right, the cathedral. We spent an enjoyable time exploring this huge House of God before walking back to through town - nipping in for a KFC and then the shopping centre. Just a few things I said. Seven heavy bags and only four arms between us, we got a taxi home. Now we are full to the gunwales and ready for the off on the morrow.