Tikal Two

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 23 Sep 2012 22:57
Our Second Day Exploring Tikal
BB Tikal Day One 068
Todays target was to climb the hundreds of wooden stairs to get to the top of Temple Four to get the best view over Tikal. The noise from the howler monkeys was incredible.
BB Tikal Day One 072  BB Tikal Day One 066  BB Tikal Day One 077
I was thrilled to get to the top for a sit down. Had to get tourist shots if only to prove we did it.
BF Tikal Day 1 023
Back down at ground level we bimbled through the trees, well maintained tracks are easy to follow by map and Bear was in charge of deciding where to explore.  
BF Tikal Day 1 132  BF Tikal Day 1 134
He did take us off the beaten path every so often.
BF Tikal Day 1 017
BF Tikal Day 1 014  BF Tikal Day 1 015
Bear was dwarfed by this massive Ceiba tree.
BB Templa 5 and Tarantula 026  BB Templa 5 and Tarantula 027  BF Tikal Day 1 071
Trees and monkeys everywhere.
BF Temple 5 and Bits 230  BF Temple 5 and Bits 231
We headed back to the main area and watched in horror as this man ‘waggled’ on the scaffolding.
BF Tikal Day 1 078  BF Tikal Day 1 054  BF Tikal Day 1 075
We looked at the altars and stelae.
BF Temple 5 and Bits 236
Our final look at this impressive monument.
BB Templa 5 and Tarantula 119  BB Templa 5 and Tarantula 139  BB Tikal Day One 034
BB Tikal Day One 043
                     VAST, MAJESTIC AND NOT TO BE MISSED