To Purakaunui Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 31 Jul 2014 22:27
To Purakaunui Bay, a Very Handsome Boy and So Much More
We opened the curtains this morning and this was our breakfast view. The next was when I put the camera to the back window.
IMG_9548  IMG_9550
Bear went out to take ‘the Mable in situ’ pictures. To our right the ocean, behind us Nugget Point in the distance, to our left the rolling countryside. In front, the tiny access road to the point – a quiet cul-de-sac.


Off we went following the coast road.




The next house on the right was a real treat.





A fun fence decorated with wheel trims, a nice little house.





None other than Oscar’s xx xx





Oscar’s views up and down the coast and his next door neighbour.




Odd garden gnomes in these parts.




We had a lovely bimble at Nugget Point.




Back the way we came passing Mable’s place on the far point.





Passing this tiny ‘village’ was our unscheduled stop at Cannibal Bay.





Bear was very taken with this tree growing in its own playpen, but now both deceased.






After our picturesque bimble on the beach at Cannibal Bay, we followed the road and stopped at Hina Hina Island Reserve when Bear saw a couple of big, white, interesting looking chaps, that need a closer look. Now as you know dear reader, in the past this has meant paper bags, interesting leaves and all manner of flotsam and jetsam, I looked up from blog writing with an air of............. Spoonies ??? I hoped and sure enough my able bodied spotting associate had come up trumps. I had asked if any were around when we were at the Albatross Centre and had been told “not at this time of year.”



DSC_2966  DSC_2969


We sat and watched them scruffing around in the the outward flow. With their heads down, they look unremarkable and like so many other birds of a similar size, but..... when they lift their heads spoonbills look so unique. Was it too much to hope they would take off. I actually thought so and put the camera down.







DSC_3018  DSC_3020


There you are, just for you. Wow, for such an ungainly looking bird, they are so aerodynamic and pretty on the wing. Just love the way they tuck their feet up. He slightly prettier than her, well of course....... No comment.

DSC_3023  DSC_3033
As she flew one way and by random chance, he flew the other........
Coaches on a hill..........
We left the random coaches on the hill behind, turned off the ‘main’ road and followed a gravel track for five miles.
Our breakfast view on the morrow.
Far away to our left, was this sight, a very handsome boy. Could we get any closer. We walked though some gooey, muddy tussock and at the cut away edge was a small but wide stream. Mmmm, tide coming in, so if we did bravely take our shoes and socks off and paddle through the freezing cold water, it may be a torrent by the time we got back. Caution was the watchword. Nothing for it but to return to Mable, beat you hollow at backgammon and sequence lose badly at rummikub all washed down with a pleasing libation as we watch the sun go down, supper and a film. Sounds like a plan. Back on Mable we did indeed watch the sun go down, the games didn’t pan out as planned.........We watched as our big sea lion lumbered closer to the incoming waves, flop down and wait to be carried out for a nights fishing.
DSC_3049  DSC_3096