To Aunty Margaret

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 13 Aug 2018 22:57
To Aunty Margaret for her 90th Birthday
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We left Clitheroe and headed to Stafford, had we been on Eva at Dolbeare we most probably not made the two hundred and thirty mile mile journey but being a hundred miles ........ no excuse. Bear drove and caught all the roadworks on the M6, I took pictures of our last collection of photographs so I can store them all together on an external hard drive. During the three hour journey I completed the task, 989 pictures taken.
Worth every second as we surprised the lovely lady and I caught this snap of the man and his aunt, smashing. Ruth and John (daughter and son-in-law) were there and later some neighbours came in. A jolly time, much reminiscing and laughter. Just a few of Aunty Margaret’s cards. 
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Knowing how much I love and miss having a garden, Aunty took me for a turn around hers and treated me to picking a few tomatoes, such an adorable aroma – fresh, juicy, fat plum tomatoes as well as a handful of Tom Thumbs.
Bear and his Aunty Margaret (mum’s sister). We had a wonderful visit but all too soon the hours had sped by. I drove us back and Bear felt a bit miffed that my journey only took an hour, forty. We stopped for a quick supper and headed to Tesco as we have Joe et al coming to visit us on Eva on the morrow. All tucked up by eleven o’clock.
                     A REALLY GREAT DAY