Cemetery Party

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 1 Nov 2012 20:37
November the First – A Day with the Ancestors and Loved Ones
BB Kite Festival 169  BB Kite Festival 175
BB Kite Festival 172
We traveled to Sumpango for the kite festival, but the day would not have complete without a visit to the big cemetery to be among the real reason for the day. Walking down the hill we soon saw just how many people were spending the day with their loved ones. As soon as we stepped through the gates the flowers, decorated graves and sheer colour hit us.
BB Kite Festival 174  BB Kite Festival 203
Children of all ages played while the older ones helped parents and grandparents place petals. I had thought the couple on the right may be sad but when we passed by they were laughing and joking – so full of joy.
BB Kite Festival 177  BB Kite Festival 179  BB Kite Festival 184
From the wealthier family plots......
BB Kite Festival 192  BB Kite Festival 207
.... to the humblest single grave and the impromptu flower pot – great care had been taken
BB Kite Festival 191
This elderly lady had given her husband his favourite glass of coke and was now sharing her Sprite with him. She smiled happily as she shared her story.
BB Kite Festival 197
Little ones with a very different launch pad for their kites
BB Kite Festival 195
Lunch time sees favourite foods shared, a real party atmosphere that lasts all day, very often all night, in fact all weekend.
BB Kite Festival 205
Everyone was so welcoming to us.
BB Kite Festival 186  BB Kite Festival 201
BB Kite Festival 206
A very moving interlude but in no way a sad one.