Japan and Finished Sock

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Wed 20 Nov 2019 23:57
Japan and Finished Sock
PB130010  PB200001
At ten I bimbled in to see Dylan. The first picture is the plan for my Japanese piece and the joint idea of cherry blossoms that will run through my whole sock to give some prettiness and completion – hopefully bringing it all together. I drew the plan and showed Dylan the other day and the next is the ‘before’ image this morning.
Inking began at 11:45. I was happy hanging out with a lady having her ear pierced twice at the top and a young chap about to have a memorial piece done on his back while Dylan did a touch-up that should have begun at nine but the chap was late. Not growling.
PB200004  PB200006
During and after.
PB200007  PB200008
So pleased with my Mount Fuji, village, water reflections and stunning minka (traditional Japanese house). Othniel now looks happy with his cherry blossoms. All finished by 13:30.
I had to give Dylan a massive ‘thank you’ hug.
                     OH WOW – GORGEOUS