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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Jun 2020 23:57
Week Eleven at Sleeping Indian
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Sunday the 31st of May. The week began, as it should, with heavenly eggs. I went back to the old method. Well, it worked, soft all the way through (I had put in a very, very minor complaint to the chef that mine were getting to be a bit too hard. I did the worst first coat I have ever done on the bed frame bits...... The rest of the day was filled with much pottering, sweeping and somehow it was supper time.
Monday the 1st of June. Bank Holiday and the authorities have banned anyone going to the beach. Bedroom chaos as we put the frame together, the bed base went up on cans of veg and I did a better job on the second coat.
Half the boys are really getting on with it.
P6010006  P6010007
Bear prepared the front garden shower base ready to nab a bit of mix and we pottered for the rest of the day.
Tuesday the 2nd. We woke early and as the bed frame was dry we put it in place and made the bed. The feet at the front are angled out slightly but enough to catch toes. Straight on to Amazon to order channeled stick on sponge in white. The order grew with sink tidy, sink grill, undershelf baskets, oven liner and larder shelf liner. The boys arrived and prepared for the concrete to arrive – huge excitement (own blog).
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During the event a big frog (bottom centre) came out to see what all the fuss was about. By the end of the day Bear was pleased with his efforts in the shower base (more detail in the blog The Big Pour).......
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Wednesday the 3rd. Bear pottered with his shower base and worked at smoothing the kitchen wall in readiness for me to tile. I first coated the two coffee tables, the lounge fan blades, the frame that will hang in the kitchen and put a second coat on the coasters for said coffee tables. Captain (Lashley) did a splendid job on the right hand wall ridding it of its popcorn finish, ably helped by Barry White (Baldwin) and Cutie (Benji) who did the mixing.
P6060043  P6060042
I chatted Captain up who very kindly put some mix on the bald patches on the upstairs balcony.
P6040024  P6070002
Thursday the 4th. Bear reassembled the finished fan blades and put them back, then I had a plan. Oh Dear. The lounge wall lights really will look out of place so I would like to swap them for the ones on the stairs. Having searched here and on Amazon nothing took my fancy, so why not use what we have. Bear set about taking the lounge ones down, I gave them a good wash and he fitted the one at the top of the stairs. I painted the dangly wire white and we were both pleased with the result.
P6030011  P6050027
I put the second coat on the kitchen picture frame – now ready for darker grey spray and put the first coat of teal paint on the two bedroom mirrors. Bear nipped to the supermarket and then we went for a swim.
Friday the 5th. I leapt into action as we had a short day, we had to be ready for 14:30 – Part Two of the Legendary Family Quiz. I sprayed the first coat on the coffee tables and kitchen frame. Bear organised his work list for Beez and cut the wood to raise the larder half an inch and the beams to set the cupboards further from the wall a) to look more in line and b) so we can use the cupboards above the microwave and fridge. Seemed ridiculous to us to design and fit two small cupboards that the doors won’t open (funnily enough, when we saw them in the showroom exactly the same....).
P6030008  P6030009
Captain finished the left wall and Benji did the overhang. Barry White pottered and did a little job for us – beheading the newel posts ready for chrome hats, than all the boys began a tidy up ready to leave as it’s POETS day......
Family quiz was a real delight. Top prize goes to Ashley (nephew, top left) who, in his best put on droll Brummy accent told us how the electric meter whizzed when Jo turns on the hairdryer and minutes after cleans her teeth with her electric toothbrush. This came about when I asked the family what the average monthly electricity bill was. The common denominator was about seventy-five pounds. Shock horror when I said ours was about three hundred....... Somehow we managed to win and after kept chatting. Stuart (organiser) and Ashley (partner not to be confused with Ashley top left) left us at about one (English time) but Kate and Mark (top right of picture) kept chatting until gone two in the morning (their time). Next quiz arranged for three weeks and we were given Popular Music as a subject to come up with ten questions. Tim and Beccy (Bear’s other sister) was give Nudism......we clearly dodged that particular bullet.....
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Saturday the 6th. We set to a ‘Big Clean’ this morning. It’s OK to live in total chaos but today we needed to cut the crust off. Bear set to downstairs, me up, we swept and scrubbed. After lunch Bear went to Beez to begin taking her covers off as the breeze has picked up a bit each afternoon, she was pleased to see him and was bone dry, he gave her a good blow through and left her happy.
After he had left, I mulled, then set to on the job I have been putting off for weeks - the overhang above the bedroom balcony. I started by using the step ladder but the gusts were a bit alarming. I know....., I’ll make myself a tool. Bear got back just after dusk and we settled to supper. By the time we got upstairs it was dark. As he closed the curtains, Oh I see you have done a clean on the balcony, so just the overhang to do. I had always said I had to have it done before the tiler arrives on Tuesday but it had become a bit of a mantra from Himself. I put the new balcony light on and pushed him out the door. Wow. But, that means you were a Dangerous Brian doing it by yourself without me to support you. No, and with that I proudly produced my ‘tool’. Cannot sign off on the job until the boys have removed the wood, left the posts, Bear has added the wires and I have painted the wood white. We both fell into bed too exhausted to watch an episode. Another week has flown by.........