Kite Flying

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 4 Apr 2012 21:52
Kite Flying with Family Law
BF Kite Flying 021
Bear and I both remember our first kiting experiences – much running like idiots, kite throwing, kite crashing – well today, two kite launches, two kites flying beautifully. A real coup considering they are different types but fly just the same. Here at Mount Edgecombe, still very much enjoying time with Family Law (the only downside is the week is galloping away far too quickly). This picture, whilst showing our success does not tell just how bitterly cold it is after the lovely hot weather we have had, more or less, since we have been in the UK.
BF Kite Flying 112  BF Kite Flying 111
It didn’t take too long before Joshua and Ben were flying solo
BF Kite Flying 023  BF Kite Flying 027
Inka and Diesel were happy to play
BF Kite Flying 054  BF Kite Flying 063
Daddy came in to offer some tips to Josh and the pair posed momentarily before getting back to business
BF Kite Flying 121
Diesel helped with the action..........
BF Kite Flying 125 Grandpa brought Ben’s into land
BF Kite Flying 146  BF Kite Flying 142
I was more than just a bit concerned at ‘the little pinky’. Daddy (aka Danny) was put in charge of Josh’s kite when small fingers “got just too cold to hold on anymore.”
BF Kite Flying 159
Someone said “hot chocolate o’clock’ and there were no refusals, packed up in a trice and off we went
BF Kite Flying 016
We were all chuffed with our efforts