Thompson Park

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 27 Aug 2018 22:57
Garage, Breakfast and Thompson Park
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Early morning flying saucer fun until Mrs Mallard demands Ben’s attention.
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We get the poorly car to the dealership not too far away, they say leave it with them for an hour – nothing for it but to bimble down the road to a huge shopping complex and tuck into a tasty fry-up. We go back for the car to be told twelve hundred pounds, we ring Adam and he tells us to leave it with him.
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We arrive in Burnley to find Emmie drilling and wanting to look cute with Harry.
Vicky looks shattered so we bundle everyone up and head (with a sack of sausage rolls and drinks) to Thompson Park.
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Harley stayed behind to play quietly, in peace, on his computer. Kaiser and Harry and Josh and Ben show us their hip swings.
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A pretty walk by the stream, under a bridge and over a bridge by the river.
Straight into the play park, Kaiser, Ben and Josh whizz round.
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Emmie and Harry and then Ben joins in.
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Kaiser, Ben and Harry on the slide.
Time for the serious business of football.
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While Emmie had a snooze the boys swung hard........
.......galloped into the sunset.....
Hours later we started back.
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But, the muddy slope was too much of a draw as Emmie barked orders the boys climbed. Once at the top there was the simple matter of sliding back down to the now squealing Emmie.
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“We will just wash our hands” they said.......
Next thing........
Harry, the natural comedian. We got back as a rabble in one piece but it was soon time for us to leave with Josh and Ben, to get to Manchester by six.
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We arrived in time before Bird’s riding lesson and we enjoyed watching for an hour as Jess and Bird were put through their paces.
Then the bit we loathe – saying ‘farewell’. Just as well Bear drove, I was way to blurry..........
                     WONDERFUL INDEED