SH 5 Ashore

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 15 Feb 2020 23:57
St Helena Ashore for the Fifth Time
P2150002 - Copy  P2150003 - Copy
Bear spent the morning fitting Lionel’s alternator.
P2150002  P2150003
All went well and then I was commissioned to stand above and look down to see if the alignment was accurate, well it’s no good me doing it wearing varifocals. I declared it was 2mm shy of perfect and after some minor adjustments all it needs is a new belt.
A fairly confident boy. Bear radioed the water taxi and Paul told him that the DIY shop would open at six thirty. I was busy writing blogs (got five written, YAY) so Bear took the four o’clock shuttle.
P2150004  P2150005
Once ashore he watched this tiny landing craft come in. A big girl leaves England for Cape Town and once there a smaller girl is packed with island goodies which moors on a deep-water jetty around the corner. The containers are then brought here on this tiny landing craft. A week late on this occasion.
P2150006  P2150007
Tied up, the happy crew wait to start work.
P2150015  P2150013
The crane – number plate SHG 001 swings into action and the crew catch the chains.
P2150014  P2150016
Attached and ready to swing. Meanwhile, final loading of a return container.
P2150017  P2150019
Bear settled in Anne’s Place and enjoyed pork chops and trimmings, Valentine’s décor still up.
P2150022  P2150021
At six thirty Bear bought an alternator belt – the only one of its size so sadly, no spare. Then he took these two pictures of The Consulate Hotel and came home on the seven o’clock. Belt fitted and tested, success. Happy crew. We played backgammon and Mexican before watching an episode of Boston Legal.
                     A GOOD DAY