Final Tahiti

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 24 Aug 2013 22:57
Final Bits From Tahiti

BB Car Tahiti 001  BB Car Tahiti 003

This was a fairly unique sight, a single hander from Japan aboard his yacht Mitkaze


BB Car Tahiti 004

We wish this little boat fair winds and following seas.


BB To Taina Mooring Field 002

Our last night in Papeete was to be our last visit to the roach coaches. This time, happily Jenny was back with us. I asked the two of them for a picture but Dave produced ‘a slapped face look’ like Deputy Dawg. I showed him the result but as he was not willing to pose again – this is the one.


BB To Taina Mooring Field 003  BB To Taina Mooring Field 005  BB To Taina Mooring Field 006

The reason behind the sourpuss face was simple. Jenny had only bought him one cigar. “One little, tiny cigar”. Well in Australia all cigars and cigarettes are in generic packaging and Jenny wasn’t about to buy several Romeo and Juliet’s at $18 a pop if they turned out to be fakes and not the real thing from Cuba. Once lit the face did change and pure enjoyment ensued. 


BB Last Tahiti 001  BB Last Tahiti 004

Waking up on the mooring ball was such a treat. Gently swaying, no road noise and after a dog had sorted it out with his neighbour – silence all night. To celebrate, Bear did boiled eggs. A modest entry but one of the four extras he always does for an egg and mayo sarnie (I like salad) produced a fairly high quality entry. A good start to the day of our final visit to a massive supermarket before New Zealand in mid December.


BF Last Tahiti 003

Not entirely sure what this chap was doing rowing so close to the reef.


BF Last Tahiti 006

This we did understand. Nice legs. Mmmm.


BB Last Tahiti 009

Bear took me for a spuddle in Baby Beez before going ashore – a treat I hadn’t had for ages it seems. From a distance this wrecked lady looked in perfect health, but up close there was evidence of her age and poorly state, it was clear salvagers had helped themselves. How sad.


BB Last Tahiti 011

The locals waved quite bemused as to why I would be taking pictures of a poorly boat.
BB Last Tahiti 013  BB Last Tahiti 014
Sadly, as soon as there are large numbers of boats in any one place, so there are the potential ‘One Careful Owner’ entries. Here was no different, many, many boats abandoned at anchor or projects unlikely to be finished. Here is just one example.
BB Last Tahiti 016  BB Last Tahiti 017

Ashore we spotted a pretend tree, we haven’t seen one since Morocco.
BB Last Tahiti 020  BB Last Tahiti 019  BB Last Tahiti 022

I had to look down at my replacement Croc lookalikes (wow the foot massage bits are horrendous after the bashed down old ones – foot massage – more like torture) as Bear ceremoniously dumped my broken ones. I had expected a little more than six months wear. Well you can’t complain for six dollars, you have worn them constantly since February, all over the Galapagos including a ten mile hike over a volcano. Yes dear. Bear pointed out hundreds of Beez Neez coloured trainers when we got to the mall.
BB Last Tahiti 024  BB Last Tahiti 023  BB Last Tahiti 025

Bear thought it would be a nice treat to eat a late lunch out, our last date in Tahiti. Well, as you know I’m no vegetarian, but I had to look away from this. Especially the mixing bit. It’s only the third time I’ve ever eaten it, the last being when we went to see the Rolling Stones in Paris in 2006. Try, if at all possible, that this time be the last........ Oooooooooo I’m not sure about that. Mmmmm, I’ll just look down at my chicken curry.


BB Last Tahiti 027

We had a bimble around Carrefour for final bits and saw this incredible fish. Massive and pretty.


BB Last Tahiti 031

Back at the dock, trolley pushed along the road, and parked with all the others, I chatted to a single hander. He comes ashore each evening, hose pipe in hand for a shower. When he turned he had the most beautiful manta ray tattoo on his back.


BB Last Tahiti 029

We never tire of the Moorea sunset, our last, as we leave Tahiti on the morrow – for Moorea.