Day 12

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 29 May 2011 22:23
Day 12
We had a change today to try out the First Bridge in the Park. Jason dropped us early, the morning was idyllic. But we did know the water temperature once again was low
We had a fly past as we ate our BLT's, freshly delivered by Jason
We had a visitor
A regional meeting of geese landing nearby
The locals do it real casual round these parts
I caught four and Bear zeroed 
Tony and Sam's last night, Marian and Jeff put on a lovely BBQ spread
The bet between the boys, AND to wear these t-shirts on their return journey
Over supper, much like all nights here, we talk over the days events, catches, tactics, losses and nearlies. Bear and Tony clearly gloated. Bear with the biggest (between the Millards) with his 31 - now known as the Boilie Baiter. Tony for winning numbers and sizes - now known by Tony Three Scoops, Tony Two Nets or my particular favourite- Tony the Master Baiter. Jeff, the Lunker Master offered condolences to Sam - now known as Sam the Apprentice who looks good in Pink. Ghilliboy. Sam the China or my favourite - U-Bend Sam. All in the cars to try out the local talent bar, sadly closed on Sundays, so back to Grumpy's for a quick pint. We are up at six for our final assault at Hoople in the morning. A Big Lady is awaiting me............................. Or me........................... NO, watch Pepe snarl menacingly
Have you ever seen a baiting catapult stretch that far
Bear has
Run Bear, Run.
Did you know giant corn flavoured in pineapple could sting like that
Bear does - mutter mutter mutter
Rub Bear, Rub