To Isla Mujeres

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 29 May 2012 22:08
To Isla Murjeres, Off Cancun, Mexico
BB To Isla Mujeres 005  BB To Isla Mujeres 009
We were waved off by Alan and Helen at 11:15, after a quick u-turn, I slowly went forward while Bear swapped all the fenders and ropes to the other side ready for the Customs dock, Yep, it’s that time again.
BB To Isla Mujeres 022
A catamaran overtook us so we were third in line, behind him, and a mono hull inbound. We tied up at 11:30 and I knew sagely to switch the engine off. I knew what it would be like so I settled myself in the cockpit with the express tasks of plucking my eyebrows and cutting down and filing my nails. Idle fingers and all that. Chica and his handler arrived. Actually, give him his due, he had his uniform on and looked very professional. He had a quick look round the boat – once again – although this time dry – Chica couldn’t have given a flying fig what we had on board. Chica’s handler shook my hand and I began to wonder if I had judged him too harshly. No. Bear put me right later, he had asked the skipper for money. Well. I’m glad I didn’t know at the time. We had changed all our Cuc’s so he was out of luck.
BB To Isla Muj 001
That’s Handsome standing, to his right is Immigration. You can just see the back of a female student, but you cannot see the other two tucked away to the left. I have always hated Wrigley’s Juicyfruit with a passion, detesting the smell of it. Some time ago I bought what I thought was a tine of just Doublemint, but there were four packs of the awful smelling stuff. When the bodies on board reduced to four, bear handed them out, that’s what they are laughing at in the picture. Well all went rather well and we switched the engine back on at 12:40. Not bad at all.
BB To Isla Muj 002  BB To Isla Muj 005
Touching up going on, but definitely not red paint. We turned right and once again lined up with the target
BB To Isla Muj 007  BB To Isla Muj 009
The reef clearly visible on this bright sunny day as we passed one of the red markers. Just I lined up to let a sport fisherman come port to port with me I saw many snorkelers IN the channel with me (two in the right hand shot). The other chap must have seen them as I did, so held back at the sea buoy for me. These numpties clearly have a death wish.

BB To Isla Muj 008

Off we go down the coast of Cuba in a flat calm sea, sadly, with little wind, so motor sailing.


BB To Isla Muj 011  BB To Isla Muj 013

Hemingway slowly disappears from view


BB To Isla Muj 014

We take our passenger as a good omen


BB To Isla Muj 015

You can set your clock here, every afternoon at four the storm clouds gather, in to the night we saw lightning over the coast


BB To Isla Muj 019

Moth has been out with her new iron, the only ripple coming from Beez hips


BB To Isla Muj 020

Smashing to be at sea again


BB To Isla Muj 023  BB To Isla Muj 024

Next day, more of the same and soooooo hot. Skipper cooling down, dibbling off the stern platform. Don’t Ask.


BB To Isla Muj 025

Funny to watch passing chums so much closer to shore than us


BB To Isla Muj 028

A gentle sky tonight


BB To Isla Muj 033  BB To Isla Muj 039

I had an encounter with a cruise ship in the middle of the night at about the same time as this little chap hopped aboard. Now a crispy critter.

BB To Isla Muj 036
Just after the flag ceremony we had company
BB To Isla Muj 040  BB To Isla Muj 044  BB To Isla Muj 043 
BB To Isla Muj 046
These chaps were really fast and stayed dodging in front of the girl for miles and miles (hope to put a little clip on FB).
BB To Isla Muj 056  BB To Isla Muj 054
I sat on Pepe’s perch for a while enjoying the dolphins. I said Bear should experience the same thing, camera ready for a shot I was welcomed to witness his shorts falling down as he did his exit of the cockpit stage right. He got there in the end though and enjoyed the chaps as I had.

BB To Isla Muj 059  BB To Isla Muj 060  BB To Isla Muj 063

Our first sight of land


BB To Isla Muj 064  BB To Isla Muj 066  BB To Isla Muj 068

Passing Anvil Rock and close in to the beach to the end of Mujeres Bay


BB To Isla Muj 076  BB To Isla Muj 078

Safely anchored next to Takatuka at 20:10, after our journey of 55 hours and 260 miles


BB To Isla Muj 071