Last Day

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 30 May 2011 22:57
Sadly, Our Last Day - Day 13 Fishing on the St Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada
After a chilly start at six, we felt we had to make our last day of fishing at Hoople - the site of my biggest - thirty pounder. Bear promised to be good and not act like a six year old or to drag me 'out of the zone'. Jason as always helped us set up and went off to get our BLT's. We got off to a good start, sadly the date I had with Big Lady failed as she decided not to leap on my hook and come in for a hug, but I know she's there.
Mid morning Jason brought the boys to see us for this picture, a hug and proof the said t-shirts were indeed worn for the journey back to the UK. The second O in Sam's GOOD was a bit floppy so we hope it made it back. We wish them all the very best in the future - "Tight Lines Boys". We have had so many laughs with them over the last two weeks and so enjoyed their infectious good humour.
Today was watched by this little chap who stood beside us most of the day, Bear fended off a nosy blackbird as he didn't want his new mate upset in any way (kept him busy and out of my hair - although I did get the odd misdirected wad of sweet corn round the back of the ear, Oh and a lap-full of the stuff). So this is our last day, we leave here at eleven in the morning to fly back to Charleston and return to Beez Neez.
We have said to Jeff and Marian that we are living our dream and that coming here to fish was an aside to celebrate Bear's 60th birthday, so our bar was set pretty high. Well the experience was delivered to us in spades. Each evening over Marian's home cooked food, we discussed where to fish, either Jeff suggesting, or where we fancied - if it had not already been requested by anyone else. Each morning we could go out at whatever time we chose, fitting in around the boys, who always went around five to our six. The first few days we went out around nine, so went to the excellent café for a hearty breakfast. The other days we went out at six and had BLT's delivered to us around nine. Jason or Jeff would come back at eleven thirty to hand over individual cool bags containing our pack lunches. Two sandwiches, an apple, a bottle of water, a can of coke and a chocolate bar. Bear made us flasks, makings all set out in our immaculate, warm and comfortable room, milk and beer in the fridge. We could have come here and sorted ourselves out, but being all-inclusive made this not only the fishing trip of a lifetime but also a real holiday as well. Talking of fish, the tally is as follows:
The summary -
Bear caught 31 fish. His total catch 521 pounds. 8 twenty pound and over.
I caught the most fish at 44, the heaviest catch at 761. 7 pounds, the best two days at 8 and 9 fish caught AND at 15 - the most twenty pounds and over. My personal best fish at thirty pounds however, meant through gritted teeth I had to hand over $100 (well out of my Rummikub winnings) as Bear with his thirty one pounder won the bet, he tried hard not to gloat.
I suppose I could force myself to write that I'm thrilled he caught the first fish, the biggest fish and thoroughly enjoyed his birthday trip.
My final fish came in wearing a hair piece, at least I got to catch the last two fish.............little growl escapes................
                     ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC