BBQ Snake

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 28 Dec 2017 23:47
Barbecue Snake and Other Delights
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Our tour boat stopped along the Mekong River and we found ourselves at a small ‘homestead’. Crossing lots of little rickety bridges we passed many irrigation channels and passed many kinds of fruit tree. 
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Pretty bits, orderly bits and messy bits took us to the other side of the grounds.
We admired a paddy field and headed back for a shandy.
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Bear gathered the shandy makings from the fridge and went to pay, that had to be done on the other side by the BBQ, this is where he had an idea........
Bear saw the menu. I’ve ordered snake, right you are then, better go and look.
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The man took a chap from the bucket, showed the gathered tourists, let it wiggle about a bit and just as it stretched out gave its head a smack rap on the the edge of the BBQ.
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Then he flung the snake in the flames beneath the grill where it continued to writhe for a while. Meanwhile, someone’s rat was deemed cooked.
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I took in the tank of newts, the frogs in marinade.
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Snails intent on escape and ‘stuff’ at the other end of the BBQ.
Bear’s snake now cooked was chopped up with a pair of scissors.
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Nicely presented, it could have been so many things, save for the dangly bits.
Verdict: I thought it tasted like nothing with a firm texture. Bear thought it tasted like chicken giblets, declaring I’d like a much fatter one..........
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