First Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 19 May 2012 21:07
Our First Bimble Around Hemingway Marina, Cuba
Map Hem 1  BB 1st Cuba 012
Settled in for the week on dock two, we were now rested and ready to go on our first bimble. We set off toward the hotel to change some money
BB 1st Cuba 015  BB 1st Cuba 017
The girl in front of the girl in front of us
BB 1st Cuba 018  BB 1st Cuba 019  BB 1st Cuba 020
A few steps more. We now feel just having walked past three girls, that the slim pickings of One Careful Ownership in the USA will more than be made up for right here.
BB 1st Cuba 025  BB 1st Cuba 029  BB 1st Cuba 030
The deserted condo’s opposite. On we walked to the end of the row and the supermarket
BB 1st Cuba 031  BB 1st Cuba 032
BB 1st Cuba 033
In the car park our first beauties
BB 1st Cuba 035
We got to the end and looked back
BB 1st Cuba 039  BB 1st Cuba 040  BB 1st Cuba 041
This lovely was nestled in the hotel car park
BB 1st Cuba 048  BB 1st Cuba 046  BB 1st Cuba 047
The hotel bus and trailer
BB Maps 004  BB Maps 005
We found the hotel reception and changed a hundred pounds at 1.51 Cuc’s (Cuban Convertibles) to the pound
BB 1st Cuba 038  BB 1st Cuba 053
BB 1st Cuba 067  BB 1st Cuba 058  BB 1st Cuba 064
Job done it was time to celebrate. The Hemingway Marina Yacht Club (a fine building) is twenty years old on Monday, we have invites to the party through the OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) and will happily celebrate our anniversary with them, for now lunch. We sat outside and enjoyed the view. Bear had two cheese and ham rolls, I had cheese - actually a whole French stick cut into four, served warm. We washed our delicious food down with a couple of mojito's cocktails each. Bear seen doing his ‘Papa Hemingway’ impression.  We had no idea what our bill would be and were pleasantly surprised to pay twelve Cuc’s adding one for a tip (eight pounds and sixty pence). Time for a bit more exploring.
BB 1st Cuba 071
BB 1st Cuba 072  BB 1st Cuba 074  BB 1st Cuba 080
The hotel Old Man and the Sea is now a convalescent home for servicemen. It has a leading light on the roof and overlooks the ‘beach’
BB 1st Cuba 078
We saw loads of happy crabs
BB 1st Cuba 085  BB 1st Cuba 082  BB 1st Cuba 087
BB 1st Cuba 086  BB 1st Cuba 052  BB 1st Cuba 089
My ‘ol man of the sea’ and some great plumbing and electrics
BB 1st Cuba 103  BB 1st Cuba 101
BB 1st Cuba 104  BB 1st Cuba 105
Our bimble back to Beez still had a few more surprises. This lady is a classic
BB 1st Cuba 107  BB 1st Cuba 106
BB 1st Cuba 108  BB 1st Cuba 109  BB 1st Cuba 110
A girl with a fine paint job. Next to her leaning against a shed (we guess) marina posts sadly knocked out by the last hurricane. In the shed, paper recycling ???
We have been told that if a hurricane threatens all the boats are lined up in the middle of the fairways and tied four ways to the edge. Up until now the girls have all been safe and sound – not sure if we fancy that for Beez Neez. The water level has been know to rise by seven feet – gulp, Maybe that’s how these last two ladies ended up gently laying at rest.
BB 1st Cuba 111  BB 1st Cuba 001
Perhaps the biggest surprise and a first for us is a boat a little behind Beez complete with wheels !!! A Toyota car
                     AND SO LITTLE GROUND COVERED