Larry's Birthday

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 25 Jun 2012 22:47
Larry’s Birthday – Mario’s Marina
BB Waterfall and Canyon 149
We took the shuttle launch from our marina to Mario’s, we were immediately greeted by this little chap trying to sell us nuts at an eye-watering price. I asked for 30 pence worth just to be convivial. As quick as a flash his fingers were moving like greased lightning, price three pounds. How long did it take me to convince him that that really didn’t constitute the amount I really wanted to pay. His slightly bigger sister told him he’d blown his sale and off he eventually went muttering like a pro.

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Soon the party was in full swing. Bear had the important task of distributing a next round to the boys.
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A couple of interesting visitors joined in and Larry’s food arrived.
BB Larry's Birthday 017
Someone pointed out that ‘Happy Hour’ was due to end. Nothing for it but to double up on the order. Marlo, Dorrie and birthday boy
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Things got a little messy after the tequila's arrived...........
BB Larry's Birthday 030
...... so much so that Dorrie faced quite a challenge with bill splitting
BB Waterfall and Canyon 150
While the finances were being sorted, I went off to photograph a ‘One Careful Owner’ in the marina
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The ‘lady’ of the Windbird is in no better condition than her home
BB Waterfall and Canyon 154
Armed guards off for a routine patrol
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A couple of gems in the dinghy dock
BB Larry's Birthday 031
I returned to find finances sorted so time to head in to the night
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Lord Mac granting us his ‘Lordly’ impression.....
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Brian leading the column