Beez to 14/10/18

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 14 Oct 2018 22:57
Beez Progress This Week to the 14th of October 2018
Monday 8th. Bear was first to work remodelling and touching up his painted shelves to fit in the lazarette.
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I wrote a blog, went back to cleaning the stainless and spent the next two hours shining the tripods that stand over the dorades (vent thingys that look like stubby bent necks that I loathe and detest, but they do a good job, if you say so. I would much rather have thrown the old ones and filled in the deck holes above the office and sea berth, oooo no). So because I was not allowed to get rid of them I demanded new ones, what a difference to the old ones. The girl is to look as top drawer as we can make her – I can see why you wanted new ones, I’ll change my job order and help. Why thank you kind sir.
Bear began to prep for the new dorade fitting over the sea berth and sanded the grab rail while he was there. At four o’clock we were both flagging and I was so grateful Bear was doing a cosmetic job for me..... Let’s do something wild and for the first time in months and months go for an ice-cream-leg-stretch. OK, I’ll get changed. We bimbled toward the mini-mart by the ferry-dock to find it closed. Really disappointed as we were both secretly tasting the treat. Back for a cup of tea and .........let’s be bad and watch an episode or two of Quantico. There we stayed for supper and an early night. Why ?? First break since we got back to Beez thirteen days ago.
We finished Quantico season one and decided to give the first episode of season two a go. Like season one we were soon fed up with the constant back story, present time, back story, that we skipped to No Offence, a new one on us. Fresh, fun, serious with great characters – we watched two episodes before sleep.
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Tuesday 9th. I got Bear his breakfast in bed and we watched another episode of No Offence before cracking on. That is, not before we compared bruises, my left shin and right knee from falling last Sunday and Bear’s poorly toe from dropping a wrench on it. With our collective injuries slowing us up a little we set to work a bit later at half nine – Bear did some deck cleaning, I masked around the handrails and spent the rest of the day cleaning the very filthy steel.
Wednesday 10th. We carried on as yesterday until we went shopping at two, a stop at Jimmy’s on the way for Bear to get more sealant and Pepe to order clear varnish for indoors. Shopping put away, supper eaten, we settled to a game of Mexican Train Dominoes and Bear was marmalised. Huh.
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Thursday 11th. Yesterday and today the boys came and prepped Beez for her anti-fouling, lots of sanding and the poor chaps looked like CSI’s all suited and booted with breathing masks. They finished each day covered in black dust but did a great job and tidied up beautifully after themselves.
Friday 12th. Bear did a final sand on the handrails, I put the first coat of varnish on Bear’s prep work and then went indoors to begin the daunting task of sanding the doorway, angled wall, left kitchen wall and as far round to the sea toilet door frame. After shower, supper and a game, we finished watching the brilliant series Unforgotten and moved onto Paranoid, nice to watch some English police dramas, no explosions and constant gunfire but good acting and a steady plot.
The Chartplotter Chip Saga began. Can you remember where we put the chip that goes in the chartplotter. No, I packed all the boxes and cleaned the flat, you brought all the stuff back to Beez and stowed. Oh, I remember putting it somewhere we would need to look for it. But so plankton. I rummaged about for a while but no knowing where himself – unsupervised – would have hidden it. We must find it as to replace would be unthinkable and very expensive, I don’t want to think about that but let’s call it fifteen hundred pounds as we are talking about the whole sodding world. Sorry, I’ll give you sorry, I had just settled for the night now my feathers are sticking up every which way. A disturbed night........
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Saturday 13th. The day began by a hard-boiled-egg-cook-up for a couple of salads for me and a couple of sandwiches for the captain. No true egg events but the half naked one gave his shell to the one on the right who wears it well...... Bear anti-fouled propeller and stern drive with four coats of paint, reassembling the propeller with new anodes, looks like Beez is wearing her boots...... He re-sealed six small hull windows and polished them. Fitted the first of five new hatch covers, beginning with the anchor locker as a test run, finished quite well and polished the surrounding area. Bear also lightly sanded the handrails, docking hook, hook housing and main sail car trolley for the varnish queen to do a second coat.
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After the quick job of varnishing and a look at the outside world it was time for me to re-enter being Mrs Mole as I continued sanding down the north face of Mount Everest, well, around the main door. Notes to self on sanding:
1. Only the rough side works.
2. Don’t sit sander on knee until it has fully stopped.
3. Don’t drop active sander on floor and watch it go mad.
In bed that night. Continuation of The Chartplotter Chip Saga. Is it in your sewing bag. No. We are talking about a box the size of a mobile phone holding a memory chip, why would he think it has gone in with my bits of Sunbrella, dressmakers scissors and the like. To appease, out came my sewing bag from the en suite – current parking place – and away I rummaged. Yet again this has come up at bedtime and once again my feathers are well and truly mussed up.......
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Sunday 14th. Great news, I dreamt about the Navionics chip. Cracking my eyes open to this level of enthusiasm so early on a Sunday morning was quite difficult to say the very least, but I managed to prop my head up, smile and ask where. Don’t know, I can’t remember. That’s it, I lean over to the shelf, redeem the TV controller and WHACK to the side of the head of The Idiot Beside Me. Feathers back to being up-stood........I lay back down and covered my face with my hands. I so hope I don’t have to turn the Beez upside-down.......
Breakfast in bed and a couple of episodes of Paranoid – well it is Sunday and the day should have started with a peaceful, easy feeling. Not so with the ongoing Saga...... Bear pottered in the tool shed, I prepared for tonight's BBQ – gosh, this has come round quickly. Then I set to the task of necessary admin, paid off the credit card etc and tidied about the house. In he wanders, I groan as he has ‘that’ silly smile on his face. Guess what. Oh, do I have to answer. Da-Dah, he produces the Navionics chip from behind his back. Where was it ??? Behind the small books in the office where I had hidden it. I need a drink, a strong drink, where shall I hide it now, exactly where you got it from and at least I now know where it is so there is a strong chance we individually remember because I tell you where it is, you’re saying that sharply, like I never remember anything, make that a very strong drink.

We went to the BBQ at half six. Wow, so many people, we must all live like moles as we only see the same half dozen. I overhear some men saying “I’ve been here since 2013”, “I got here in 2015”. I feel the impending need to escape. There was a good flame and Bear cooked our steaks to perfection. My very strong drink went down well and we tried to join in with the singing.

Pleased to be in bed after what has felt like, in part, a very long week. Night, Night.