Tinson Weekend 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 30 May 2010 22:01
Tinson Senior Weekend 2
Someone requested this photo of Keith and Dina, Gary and Caroline, Roger and Sue
Someone else requested them to 'kiss and mean it' - I requested no tongues
Then Roger insisted we all go to his 'special log' which happened to store a bottle or two of port
That's when it all started to fall apart - candy faithfully stayed by her masters side throughout, port bottle now empty
Sometime later another bedroom was constructed
Much, MUCH later, no further on - it took four retired Royal Marines and several professions later to get the thing erect
At this point I will add where we all put our heads down, not that many can remember............ Edith the birthday girl - Office. Team Tinson (aka Mark, Kate and Jack) - Sheila's Room, sadly Gran was still in hospital recovering from a mild stroke, but came home to this nuttery the next afternoon. Bear and me - Spare room. Sue and Kelly - Tinson Senior room. Keith and Dina - Dining Room. Chris, Joshua, Keira and Stephen - Flaccid tent. Caroline and Gary - Summer House. Roger - Unspecified Bush - later in with Mark. Dogs - resident Candy, Cooper, Indie, Oggy, Bess and Molly, visited by Fifi, Chance and Forest (named cos of his long legs).
Three generations - Sue, Kelly and Keira who snuck in from the flaccid tent. Roger must have sensed when Kate got up with Jack and snuck in, loyal Candy too 
No comment at all
Discussing the previous days events as the women slowly come to before the mention of bacon butties
Jack found the fountain as we all went back to the garden for a repeat of yesterdays fun and frolics, and a few libations..................and a BBQ