Moth's Day

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 2 Dec 2012 23:14
MOTH’s Birthday
BB Moths Day 001
BB Moths Day 003  BB Moths Day 004
Like our beloved Queen who has an official birthday and private one – so should MOTH, more so as it is to celebrate her BIG Six O. We plied the good lady with a few healthy sized libations ensuring that the good lady would need an early night. While the boys were blowing up balloons we had a couple go bang, worried we would wake the sleeping beauty, Alasdair went to check – no worries, he opened the bedroom door and we all heard suitable noises proving we had not disturbed her. All ready we awaited the morrow.
BB Moths Day 006
Copious amounts of laughter from Moth and the day began early for all of us
BB Moths Day 008  BB Moths Day 010
Silly pressies, more laughter and the odd sniff of Bailey’s
BB Moths Day 014  BB Moths Day 011 
Breakfast al fresco, cake and candles – “time for the pool” said our queen for the day, no arguments from the rest of us
BB Moths Day 026  BB Moths Day 027
The boys showed us how to mount the love seat – still a challenge for the MOTHS
BB Moths Day 034
Huge hints for me to fetch the beers
BB Moths Day 022
A little chap came to say Happy Birthday too
                     ENJOY THE 15th ON YOUR OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY
                     XX XX