BB Antigua Cathedral 001
I wasn’t going to blog about the weekend but Bear’s Sunday roast was too good to ignore. We veg’d out all day Saturday with mama’s home cooking punctuating the day with three delicious cooked meals, the idea of dieting has sadly disappeared. On Sunday (the only day we have to fend for ourselves), we ate cheese and melon for breakfast with the idea of a meal out sometime between lunch and suppertime. We played Rummikub and Bear began to fidget, he had been tasting his Roast Beef dinner for several days since we walked past a little bistro close to school on our first visit to the city. We bimbled out to see amazing clouds over Volcano Agua. We are due a downpour, which held off until overnight.
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We enjoyed Central Park, lots of weekend visitors from Guatemala City, loads of tourists, vendors and even a xylophone band
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Finally Bear puts in his Roast Beef order and we enjoy a drink in the late afternoon ambience of this very pleasing eatery. Now when I ordered my pollo korma and rice, no hierbas all seemed well, but when Bear was asked if he would like chips, I thought he should add sag aloo to his order, so at least he would have potatoes and spinach and I could dunk his chips in my korma sauce. Suspicion rising.
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My chicken korma looked fine, the sag aloo quite interesting – then Bear’s roast beef.............
BB Antigua Cathedral 009