To Marion's Lookout

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 24 Jan 2016 23:37
To Marion's Lookout
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After breakfast we got on the Cradle Mountain bus and got off at Ronny’s Creek. Bear posed with the sign that told us we were beginning at the start of the Overland Route – the-six-day-five-night stroll........ off we went along the boardwalk that protects the vegetation and makes going really easy. Now the word ‘lookout’ must signify a tad of uphill so I would enjoy the flat stuff for now. Later I would read what the blurb said:-
Marion’s Lookout Bushwalk at a glance:
  • Short walk
  • 2 – 2.5 hours return
  • Reasonably easy; difficult last section
  • Spectacular views
  • Walk begins at Dove Lake car park
and another:
The scenic route to Marion’s Lookout is via Lake Lilla and Wombat Pool. The most direct route is past the boat shed up the steep side. Please note, this is a very steep walk. Marion’s Lookout is perched on the edge of a high glacier-curved plateau and offers bushwalkers spectacular views.
Guess which route Bear chose for us, I wait with baited breath and short pants................ oh I fancy scenic for your R&R......Thank the Lord.
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The views along the open countryside were gorgeous.
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We bimbled through a pretty wooded area and then at the end of the boardwalk – a hill......
IMG_5470  IMG_5479
After our first uphill bit, we stopped for a breather by a waterfall.
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Crater Lake, steady slope, more breathers, plenty of young bucks shooting past with fifty pound back sacks with camping paraphernalia dangling and swinging behind. The lake began to look ‘below’ us.
To our left we could see Wombat Pool and Dove Lake beyond.
Silly me, at this point I asked where we were headed. Do you see that dot at the top, in the middle of that hill. Ooooooo.
Crater Lake beginning to look small but Bear is still smiling.
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The next bit I took twenty steps on the double and then a quick breather, Bear’s knees began to groan a bit. We finished the wooden framed steps and looked down, oh my, then we looked up. I suppose there’s no guessing when you read that Dove Lake sits at 934 metres above sea level and we are bimbling – or should that be mountain goating to 1223 metres. In old money nine hundred and forty eight feet, all done in my trusty, blue, Croc flip-flops......... I think they ought to be framed come the time to hang them up, oh, I’ve got a few miles left on these treads yet.....
I loved this view of Crater Lake with you-know-who.......
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The last two bits. Bear got a fit of the giggles when he saw Rehabilitation Area on the sign asking us to stay on the track as some planting had been done.
Nearly there.

Our first local. Quite capable of undoing a zip in their quest for a free snack. Although they look crow-like, they are only distantly related. Currawongs are characterised by the hooked tips of their long, sharply pointed beaks. They are omnivorous, foraging in foliage, back sacks, on tree trunks and limbs, and on the ground, taking insects and larvae (often dug out from under the bark of trees), fruit, and the nestlings of other birds. They are distinguishable from magpies and crows by their comical flight style in amongst foliage, appearing to almost fall about from branch to branch as if they were inept flyers. One look at that mighty beak and I handed over a chunk of my cheese roll without protest.





We enjoyed our picnic with this view.





Away to our right - Cradle Mountain.





Away to our left the drizzle fell and caught the orangey glow from a bushfire.





 In front of us we could see so many bushfires, many of these are burning out of control. All day we have seen helicopters flying across with water tanks.




 As we were marvelling at the view a young lad took our picture.