Varnishing Proceeds

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 27 Jan 2014 23:57
Varnishing Proceeds............Not in a Rush it Seems
Bear has become quite the little shopper since I have had the varnishing bug. Well, I’d like to say I’m ready to varnish, but much more trotting around on my sander has to occur yet..... Meanwhile, off the skipper goes, no list necessary, he actually knows what we need, wow, and he has now been entrusted with being able to choose chops, mince and sausages...........Off his own noggin, he managed to bring home corn on the cob for supper and individual meat pies for lunch, very impressed am I. Poor Baby Beez looks very dirty below. As soon as Beez gets hauled on the 30th, our trusty little steed will be off for a holiday with the restorer. The two slashes she got dealt - by a machete - for Roatan that Bear spent a day repairing, have just begun to leak, so into professional hands she will be delivered.
IMG_8307  IMG_8309
I don’t like Ricicles because they’re too sweet, hate all the sugar falling to the bottom of a bowl of Rice Krispies – so mix half a box of Cocoa Pops with half a box of Rice Krispies in the big wok and hey presto........... A really silly but very satisfying job to see to completion. Flushed with that success, it was time to ‘do a batch for Bear’. I buy him the crispy, lumpy muesli that he likes and buy loads of different fruits to mix in. My cereal now decanted into my storage box, I empty his mango slices and dried apricots into the wok and set about them with my trusty kitchen scissors. Now all a uniform size, with the captain watching on all agog, pepitas, cranberries, goji and craisins (in fact, whatever I can get hold of and when I can get hold of it – here the choice is massive) are swished in. Fruit storage pot filled. Muesli mixed into the fruit left in the wok and poured into Bears storage facility. OK, I’ve had my satisfying delay from sanding, must get back to the job in hand.

IMG_8272  IMG_8325  IMG_8327

Life is still very much covered in dust and we have to watch where we step. The plan is to sand the ‘liftable’ bits of floor, prepare it all and alternate by day the varnishing; one day we walk on inner areas, the next the outers, simple. No guesses that we both wandered in the dark down the gaps the first night I got the ball rolling.......


IMG_8332  IMG_8331

The girl looks very bare indeed, we took the ceiling panels down to check for any leak damage, varnish the strips between and give them a good scrub. No leaks and no unwanted creatures – very good news.

IMG_8314  IMG_8326  IMG_8315 
Slowly, dare I say it, evidence of progress. How daft am I, I think it best to keep particularly silent at this point, steady, I’m locked and loaded....... anywhooooooo, picture this. Person sanding away, quite destructively with an iron-shaped sander, presses the off button, continues to look at subject feeling work with free hand, other hand puts sander on leg forgetting that the damn thing keeps sanding for a couple of seconds. Sander loaded with sixty paper – how may times did I repeat the process ??? I remain silent here as well. All I can say is, my knees fully understand what dermabrasion really is. Knees now quite sore, note to self = don’t do it again..... You numpty. We are talking about my reticular dermis now, I’ll have you know. Whatever, you numpty.
Have you ever seen anyone wield a Black and Decker with such force.
Bear has
Scarper Bear, Scarper
Mighty Ape 2
For Christmas I bought Bear two seasons of The Closer, he enjoyed them so much and clearly wanted more. I thought I would test the system here in New Zealand and went on line, found season three to the final number seven on a website of a happily named company - Mighty Ape in Auckland. I ordered series three and four, paid by PayPal, within minutes I received an email saying my purchases had begun their journey. Bear picked them up from the marina office the very next morning – impressed or what........haven’t had this happen for over two years.
My new hat.
Well finally, a title. A break from Beez meant a trip to the marina laundry, there I was sitting minding my own business. Bear had left me with his IPod and I was happily attempting to play microscopic patience. A man came racing in and asked “are you the manager”, finally I find my place in life. At least he used the word manager. Mmmmm.
We have had the strangest weather. Last weekend we were bounced about in forty three knot gusts. Keeps the wind generator very busy. Rain, keeps our tanks topped up with the skippers new collection device. One day so muggy. One day hot. One day really cold and dark. One day the temperature was thirty six degrees for a few hours.
Anthony (Wild Fox) emailed this picture to us – “a boat with a very silly name has arrived in our marina...”
                  QUITE A MAKEOVER