BP Tea and Ice Cream

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 21 Aug 2017 22:47
Buckingham Palace Tea and Ice Cream
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After our wonderful tour of part of Buckingham Palace we settled in the Garden Cafe to tea, ice cream, location.
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Quite rightly, no photography was allowed in The Palace, but we have our keepsake tickets. It was amazing to see some of the treasures, the collections, the rooms and to stand where Bear’s Dad stood to receive his well-deserved O.B.E from Her Majesty for services to medical training. Sad to stand at the intimate display set up to mark the untimely passing of the late Diana, Princess of Wales twenty years ago. Her ballet shoes, tuck box and photographs chosen by her boys simply showed a life too shortened. I was rather pleased to see a little dust here and there........
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For now, a well-earned sit down with our views left and right..........
.................with gorgeous garden nick-knacks.
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Judging by the boys faces the milk from the royal cows had done their stuff and boxes were ticked.
Time to leave, by the back door of course....
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Pose time. Bear by the door and Bear and Harley as we set off.
A kindly lady offered to take our picture as Harley nipped to the ‘boys room’.
I nipped to the ladies and have to buy some of the soap, just have to it’s lovely.
Time to look around the souvenir shop and take one look back at an extraordinary building.
                     FANTASTIC TO BE ABLE TO VISIT