Eton & Blue Lagoon

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 4 Oct 2015 22:47
Eton Beach and the Blue Lagoon
We jumped up and headed off to Eton Beach, {in all the guide books it is boasted as one of the best in Vanuatu}. As soon as we got out of Port Vila, we actually managed fifth gear for a little while along a smooth bit of road........ A real treat as you have to watch every inch in the town for pot holes - three and four inches deep with jagged edges, real tyre biters. When we got to the beach we paid our five pound maintenance, upkeep and parking money. Although it was incredibly windy, we could see the beach had an area protected from the waves by huge chunks of old reef.
IMG_6498  IMG_6499
To the right there is a shallow, warm and protected creek that the little ones can enjoy – right next to the car parking area, so the parents can barbecue or sit, knowing the tots are safe. We bimbled off to explore the area to our left.

DSC_0243  DSC_0409

Whilst Bear took scenic shots I went wave watching.
 DSC_0329  DSC_0330
As always, you have to know when it’s time to withdraw or get a real drubbing. I took the pressure hose feeling on my cheeks as time to go. It’s such a pity that pictures cannot give an indication of the tumultuous noise that crashing waves make. Maybe one day.
The tide was coming in so we headed back to the car.
Someone’s beach house destroyed by Pam.
We passed other beaches all wanting a few bob to enter.
Ten minutes later we had parked and paid our entrance into the Blue Lagoon, a natural, popular, safe and sheltered lagoon.
IMG_6541  IMG_6539
A cooling dip, on a sunny day the water looks very blue.
IMG_6546  IMG_6550  IMG_6551
Two brothers appeared, quickly in the water it was the little one who splashed the bigger one first, his cheeky look said “best quit while I’m ahead.”
Bigger children swung from a sturdy tree, a pole with a hook on it served as the rope retriever.
IMG_6572  IMG_6573  IMG_6574
Over the other side was another swing.
We sat and enjoyed the youngsters. The stallions posed high in the branches, doing the odd, impressive summersault but everyone was courteous and patient despite several languages being spoken. A real pleasure to watch.
IMG_6548  IMG_6549  IMG_6553
I watched this little chap play for ages. He never once wiped his eyes when he bobbed up, always smiling and just enjoyed having fun in the water.
IMG_6564  IMG_6565  IMG_6566
Back to watching the bigger ones splash.
Some just had a gentle swing and plopped into the water.
IMG_6560  IMG_6561  IMG_6562
Some were up and off, some had to rev themselves but all had fun.
Another brotherly water fight. This time the bigger one was the victor.
IMG_6592  IMG_6593
On our way back to Port Vila we saw more storm damage and one poorly looking tamtam that had been hurled into a pile of debris. The scenic coastal road turned out to be ever so bumpy, the bit that went near the beach was closed. Back to our digs for a game or two, hopefully for me to win ???? Huh, not if I can help it.
                     GREAT FUN