Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 2 Sep 2010 22:49
All Packed and Ready to Go, Go, Go


Life on the hard continues with not too many events, although Bear has damaged his knee again and hobbles along, pain killers to the ready with heavy strapping to go up and down the ladder. I have to time the toilet run, sometimes having to trot quicker than others. It’s nearer for me to go to the loo near the laundry, next to Joe’s Pizza than to go to the shower block by the pool at the dock edge. The nearer one is actually at the back of the mens, many surprise sights to be had if I get the timing wrong........ If too near the event I have even used the mens when the ladies was out of order, it can only be Trinidad.




Talking of only being Trinidad, here are some photos Bear took of our yard lamps being changed by one forward thinking individual. Bear grit his teeth when the chap dropped his spanner but all went well.

We have had a lot of fun listening to several couples from Texas, “you awllllllllllllll”, what an accent and they add so many sayings to their normal chit-chat. “about as useful as a lock on an outhouse door”, and many others. James from Fun Ticket, Furnnnnnnnnnnn Tickkket, has lived many, many years all over the world but his wife Darleeeeeeeeeeeeeeen told me, “worrrrn sentence from James and’ yawwwwwwwwwl know where he cuuuurrrrmmmm from”, a lovely couple, with a black Scottie dog, totally devoted to her master.

Karen of Drifter of Driftwood, Texas says “I been married way too lowng at forrrty thrrreee ye-as, we finish each others’ sentences and he ain’t never seen no place without his fat seeeegar in his mouth”. Adorable.

Our favourite though had to be an evening spent with Rick and Lucy from North Carolina. Lucy said the best saying from her area is “She can suck start a Harley” I thought Bear was going to choke on his supper. Said in the accent of Lucy –

“She could surrrrk staaarrrt a Harleeeee”.

Lucy also told us that when we are on the ICW we should stop off and go Shagging on Myrtle Beach, again Bear had trouble swallowing. “Rick is a slinger, you know”

OK asked to back up and explain Lucy told us that the local dance in North Caroline is called a shag, best done on the beach wearing leather soled shoes for more purchase. If you don’t believe me just Google – Having a shag on North Myrtle Beach. In fact there is a National Shagging Competition, she thinks in September. Now the slinging refers to Rick being a bit over zealous in the twirling bit. We also have to go to Black Bike Week. Body Paint Night and order a platter of oysters. This sounds like the place we should miss on no account.






The Tuna Saga. We were jammed up against the fuel jetty in a sudden swell in Roseau last year. It takes a long time for crazing, that is, fine hair like cracks on an egg shell, to appear. We noticed a small area on our starboard (right) side in Antigua this year, a job on the list for here in Trinidad. We asked Philip the Fibreglasser to give us a quote and also Peakes Yacht Services thinking they would come in so much dearer. Philip said eighteen hundred US dollars, Peakes said six hundred, needless to say we had Steve from Peakes do the work. A few days later Philip came over to Bear and said "Cap, I cocked de quote" "Yes you did". "I bring you feesh so no bad feelins". Handshakes and happy smiles, Bear soon forgot about the whole thing. Days went past, Philip reappeared "Cap he's de feesh I tol you bout".           

Result, piece of Tuna steak weighing about five pounds, fed seven of us at the regular Sunday night BBQ here in Coral Cove, with enough left for Larry (yacht Beatrice) to have for his next days lunch.  We had other things to eat to clear out the fridge.


We heard a radio call the other day from one of the local companies.

“South Tree, South Tree, come in”

Radio pause for some time – then

“This is Sanctuary, is it me you are calling”

“Do you have parts on order South Tree”


“Then it’s you”


“Come In”



Bear had everyone entertained with his own problem. We all listen on Chanel 68. A man from Denmark wanted to trade our outboard, Bear wanted to get rid of the heavy four stroke for a bigger two stroke traded from Badgers Sett, a much lighter creature.

Bear said “Go down one to six seven”

 “OK” several beats of silence.

“Beez are you back on six eight”


“I went to one and you were not there”

“I didn’t say one I said down one to six seven”

“OK I go seven” several more beats of silence

“Beez where are you”

“Here” Bear is now losing the will to live.

“I get my friend to radio, I not good”.

 “OK”. In person it all went well and both parties were very happy boys.


Last night I did a quick once through, hoovering with the trusty Dirt Devil, when I was done I tucked it near the packed cases by the foot of the bed. When Bear gets out in the night it is natural for me to tuck up in my sleep as he gets out at my knee level. Last night he scooted out much further to the foot of the bed and yes, put his foot on the ON switch Both of us had quick thrommies. It is NOT the way to be woken at three in the morning. 


We are now all packed and ready, just need to clear out of Customs, do my last weather report in the morning, pack Beds and my pillow and it’s off to seek relatives of Paddington Bear.