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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 16 Apr 2013 22:57
Our Inland Look at Floreana
BB Florry Tour 012  BB Florry Tour 013  BB Florry Tour 014
We met the ‘bus’ (well a sturdily converted truck) at the bottom of ‘town’ and we headed up the main road. Our driver had charged us five dollars and we thought – bargain.

BB Florry Tour 020  BB Florry Tour 018

The word volcanic was very evident in the scenery.


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 The variety of trees, plants and grasses was incredible, sadly not many flowering plants so a distinct lack of our favourite hummingbirds.


BB Florry Tour 032  BB Florry Tour 109

So few houses.


After fifteen minutes our driver took the bold decision to change from first to second and another five minutes he stopped, pointed out a path to follow and said he would be back for us at half past four.


BF Florry Tour 005  BF Florry Tour 009

Initially we were in a small wooded area, I was in my element – hey, he makes a change from sea lions.


BF Florry Tour 016

Finches were chirping all round us.


BB Florry Tour 045  BB Florry Tour 050  BB Florry Tour 049

At the end of the path we climbed steps over a wall and soon realised we were in the tortoise reintroduction area of the island. They were extinct here for many, many years and it was great to see bear launch himself into the serious task of ‘tortoise whispering’  - a true talent. On second thoughts he left the last chap be as he couldn’t have got slower for his photographic opportunity. We found about a dozen as we wandered past their feeding stations and bathing pools. Now come to think of it this could be the best post sailing hobby for the captain. I’d rather see him in a pair of wellies rinsing out the tortoise bath than wearing an orange pinny in B&Q. Only if its hot and I have an endless supply of Cerveza........................Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


BB Florry Tour 055  BB Florry Tour 056

Next we went through a gate and saw the only fresh water supply on the island, other than rain water. This permanent, little trickle manages to supply the town, somehow. The two inch B&Q pipe on the right is the towns supply pipe. Mmmmm are we back to the orange pinny again ??? At the moment the tortoise whispering is the firm favourite. OK.


BB Florry Tour 062  BB Florry Tour 063

Then we were at the top of a crest and saw a carving very much in the style of those seen on Easter Island. Don’t be a grot Bear, well the last time I did it was up the nose of the Statue of Liberty. Pose nicely. Yes, Dear.


BB Florry Tour 079  BB Florry Tour 087  BB Florry Tour 085

We tested out the caves that pirates and the Wittmer family once called home


BB Florry Tour 064  BB Florry Tour 076  BF Florry Tour 040

Through the massive stones to the end of the path.


BB Florry Tour 072

Here we could take in the view.


BB Florry Tour 080  BB Florry Tour 097  BB Florry Tour 118

Time to wander back to the bus. We were joined by happy, hard working locals returning home – tired.


BB Florry Tour 008  BB Florry Tour 125  BB Florry Tour 009

As we approached ‘town’ once more we saw a posh chalet, overtook a JCB and passed the Health Centre.

 BB Florry Tour 010
On first glance you could be mistaken in thinking this is a big garden shed. Looking through the window you will see a fridge. Home Sweet Home.
BB Florry Tour 136  BB Florry Tour 137
We bade farewell to the locals, the two dogs and the driver and walked toward the jetty. Bear noticed the tree we had first seen in Barbados. Of the seedpod that fell on my head and nearly stopped my sailing At-Venture permanently. So pleased you are being brave................
Did we enjoy seeing two pigs, five cows, a couple of hilltops, loads of trees and plants, a few houses and a few bits and bobs. Absolutely wouldn’t have missed it.